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Relativisms Strange Intolerance Of Beliefs That Do Not Embrace Relativism


Relativism is intolerant of anyone who believes in such things as an absolute God, absolute truth, or absolute morals. They are intolerant of those who believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God without error. Relativism is intolerant of followers of Christ who know Christ personally. It would seem that relativism would lead to tolerance, but relativism seems to be tolerant of anything except truth. In many instances, Relativism seeks to use intimidation and coercion to keep followers of Christ from expressions related to their knowledge of Christ.

Relativists freely express their religious view and try to bring Christians to share the same Relativistic viewpoint, while defying logic by insisting that Christians must not do the same regarding the Christian viewpoint. An example of this is when Jay Bookman scolded Brit Hume, making the following outrageous claim: "a person's faith is a private matter between that person and God." The Bible tells us that if we deny Christ, then Christ will deny us. It tells us that we must testify of Christ. Bookman says that Christians cannot do this, but it is OK for non-Christians to testify of their devil-driven religious view that says, "Christians must keep silent about their beliefs."

Incidentally, Biblical Christianity does not attempt to coerce others to give up their own beliefs. Rather, speaking the truth in love, Biblical Christianity does attempt, by every means, to persuade others to receive what God has for them through Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:11 It seeks to convey an understanding of the reasoning that comes from God and the revelation that God has given. 1 Peter 3:15 This does not mean that every Christian at every moment is following the leading of the Holy Spirit and following the pattern of Scripture in testifying to the unbeliever. Of course, we all make many mistakes. However, Scripture clearly shows us that we are to speak openly of our faith and always be ready to give a reason for it.  It would be more accurate to use the word, hope, rather than faith.  Of course, this hope is not hope-so hope.  It is the hope that springs from the utterance of God.

When some reject what God has given through Christ, they are not rejecting the Christian--they are rejecting God. When they reject God, it is God's business to deal with them if they are outside the church. If they are within the church, then the church is given means, as outlined in Scripture, to deal with the situation.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Relativisms Strange Intolerance Of Beliefs That Do Not Embrace Relativism

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