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Some May Say That Christians Are Not Successful By This Definition.


Some may say that they know Christians and those Christians are not in any sense successful. They say that Christians are imperfect and are not successful in walking in holiness. They say that Christians appear to be hypocrites.

First: A person who is just born again is a baby in Christ, showing all the signs of immaturity, yet a child of the King. A large number of Christians never advance beyond this stage of immaturity nor do they have any desire to do so... and it's God's part to judge that.

Second: There are many who use the word, Christian, to mean something other than a follower of Christ. The word, "Christian," has been misused... as have many words in this day. The enemy of our souls has moved to confuse many issues by redefining and twisting the meanings of words.

There are probably as many nominal (in-name-only) Christians as there are followers of Christ. We are not referring to nominal Christians when we use the word, Christian. Some use "Christian" to refer to New Age Christians or Liberal Christians. New Age and Liberalism are two anti-Christ religions. We don't refer to these religions when we use the word, Christian, on this site.


A Christian is actually a person who is joined to Christ. A Christian is a Christ-one, one who follows Christ and identifies with Christ, not a religionist. A Christian is a person who is moved by the Holy Spirit in every part of life.

A Christian is one who is looking to Jesus to transform his or her life. They are being transformed and transfigured because the Holy Spirit is renewing their mind. They are walking from glory to glory into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. They are successful now because of the direction of their walk. And they will one day achieve success because they have completed the journey by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Third: God didn't set these accusers to be judges over anyone. Judgmental people just don't have what it takes to do God's job of judgment.


God Has Restored Much That Is Necessary So That The Church Can Come Into The Fullness.


Last updated: Oct, 2011
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Some May Say That Christians Are Not Successful By This Definition.



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