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The Closed Mind Of The Secularist Cannot Accept The Truth


It's important to realize that no amount of evidence will ever change a closed mind or a hard heart. Luke 16:31 But he said to him, 'If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead.

Secularists have inoculated themselves against the truth. Any person who will open his or her heart to God will find God. God is a rewarder of all those who diligently seek Him.

Bahnsen makes the point that, although Atheists use logic, it makes no sense for them to do so since logic and science are concepts that only make sense in the light of the God of which the Bible speaks. Follow this link for the detail.

Scientists are explaining away their observations rather than following observations of reality to come to an understanding of what is real. This is simply a statement of what is happening. And this tendency is increasing. They are often knowingly falsifying data to prove their points. More often, they are unwittingly falsifying. They have such strong inner bias that they cannot see reality any longer. There is no other area of science where this is more the case than it is with the area of the study of origins. According to some of the definitions of science, the study of origins is not science by definition of the word, science. However, most people think of the study of origins as science. Most scientists are staunch, dogmatic followers of Evolutionism. That paradigm of Evolutionistic thinking is so ingrained in their minds that they cannot see reality. When they publish papers, they write of discoveries that really speak loudly of a recent creation, a loving creator, a fall away from that creator, a global flood, and much of the other historical information that we all can read in the Bible. Then, they explain away what they have seen.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the only thing that is really really real. The Kingdom of the Heavens is Reality.

Ungodly people are forced to hold on tightly to some basic presuppositions.  These presuppositions are just simple-minded assumptions.  They are filters and a way to censor out any information that supports the existence of God.  They set up a web of rules to filter out God.  They will only accept those things that conform to Naturalism, materialism, and uniformitarianism.  Naturalism claims that God does nothing.  Materialism claims that there is no God or spiritual realm.  Uniformitarianism claims that there was not creation and that there was no violent worldwide flood, as the Bible and numerous other historical accounts record.  Whatever they observe that does not conform to this complex filter is censored.  The way that it is censored can take several forms.  The ungodly may boldly proclaim that, though the data appears to support God's version and refute the version of the ungodly, yet it still must be interpreted to mean just the opposite of what it does mean.  A backup method that ungodly people use is to prophecy that in the future, science will be able to explain what they see as an anomaly.  If that fails, they will hide the data, set it aside, or lie to keep the public from knowing the truth.  The data clearly demolishes the story of the ungodly and clearly supports the reality of the Creator God, His Bible, and His abiding Presence in His people.  When confronted with the obvious, a closed-minded ungodly person says, "I can't understand it."  They are willingly ignorant because they refuse to hold God in their knowledge.  The reality is that these people, for whatever reason, don't what to know the Creator.  They don't want to truly know Jesus, their Creator.



Here are some audio and video resources for conversations with unbelievers:



Last updated: Nov, 2011
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The Closed Mind Of The Secularist Cannot Accept The Truth



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