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The New Atheism


The New Atheism

The New Atheism is very similar to Stalin's Atheism. It is coercive and abusive. It lacks intellectual integrity and is not internally consistent in its beliefs.

The old Atheism had enough trouble with logic and lack of substance. Now, the new Atheists come along with even less substance. The new Atheists are having some success using school yard tactics. New Atheists know that they don't have a logical leg to stand on, so they resort to mocking. Attempting to give the appearance that most people believe in Darwinism seems to work for the new Atheists. Most people don't have much of a backbone. Most people need the artificial security that can be found in going with the flow. So the new Atheism tactic works pretty well, although it only can rally the mindless to the "cause." Atheists are happy with mindless people. The new Atheists don't like people who can think.

You are probably familiar with the New Atheists--Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens. These authors have been causing quite a stir in recent years, both inspiring fellow atheists and shaking up the faith of believers. Unlike more substantive atheists in the academy, this new wave of atheism typically engages in emotional argumentation and rhetorical bluster-often with little substance and plenty of distortion. God is "not good" and is "a moral monster." Religion is the chief source of humanity's problems-"the root of all evil."~ Lee Strobel

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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