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What The Emergents Write About Themselves.


What the Emergent Churches Write About Themselves


The Emergent Churches teach that world is radically changing and the church must radically change with it.   Emergents believe postmodernity represents a dramatic break with the past and that only an extreme transformation in the church can keep the church relevant and effective in this environment.   Actually, postmodernity is almost as old as humanity, going right back to the Garden of Eden when Satan said, "Hath God said?"



Emergents say that since the Church has been culture bound for so long we must reexamine and question every belief and practice in the Church, finding new ways to define and express these

Visiting emergent blogs, one will find that absolutely any doctrine or moral standard can be questioned.


Emergents say that we have no foundation for any beliefs, therefore we cannot know absolute truth.


Emergents say that since we cannot know absolute truth, we can only experience what is "true" for our communities.   Postmodern philosophers and theologians insist that truth is only known and validated within communities ("There are no Metanarratives only local narratives").


Emergents say that since we cannot know absolute truth we cannot be dogmatic about doctrine

Emergents see orthodoxy as "generous," [17] that is, inclusive of many beliefs Christians have historically thought of as aberrant or heretical. Many leading emergents echo McLaren's refusal to assert Christianity's superiority to other world religions.


Emergents take the absolute stand that absolute stands on issues such as homosexuality are  obsolete.


Activities such as drinking, clubbing, watching sexually explicit movies, and using profanities are seen by some emergents as opportunities to show those who are not part of the Christian community.   The postmodern Christians want to make a statement that they do not think they are better than hypocrites and haters of God through what Emergents see as a false sense of moral superiority on the part of Christians.


Emergents say that since we cannot know absolute truth, dogmatic preaching must give way to a dialogue between people of all beliefs.


Emerging Christians say that they do not posture themselves before the world as though they were the light and the world were in darkness.   Although, they really are doing so.   It's just that their light is darkness--and how great is that darkness.


Instead of "preaching" to the "lost" Emergents say that they join in "conversation," with people of various beliefs. In the judgment of the Emergents, Conservative Evangelicals seem not to be truly welcome to contribute their distinctive content to this conversation since they represent the old, rotting corpse of "modernism."


Emergents say that since propositional truth is uncertain, spiritual feeling and social action make up the only reliable substance of Christianity.


Emergents consider propositional truth a "modern" (and thus outmoded) fascination.


Emergents say that, to capture a sacred feeling we should reconnect with ancient worship forms


Many participants in the movement see appreciating art for art's sake as a spiritual experience.


Emergents say that the postmodern approach is not to try to persuade people to believe, it is to try to befriend people into joining.   Of course, they are eager to persuade people to believe in Post Modernism.


All are welcome to join the "conversation" as long as they behave in a kind and open-minded manner, open-minded meaning minds closed to any opinion other than Post-Modernism.


The ultimate goal of the Emergent Church is to make the world a better place by human effort.   That was the goal of Adolf Hitler, by the way.   The Emerging Church movement envisions a utopia in which the oppressed of the world are free, the poor are no longer impoverished and the environment is clean. This paradise is achieved through social activism.   Many emergent leaders think it is selfish folly to live for the return of Christ.




Last updated: Nov, 2011
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What The Emergents Write About Themselves.



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