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What is the False Interpretation of the Separation of Church and State?



There's an old axiom that says that no one should talk about politics, religion, or sex. These three subjects have become so mixed together that talking about one in any depth involves talking about the other two. Of course, the hard-hearted don't want to hear the biblical perspective and the followers of Christ have already heard the non-biblical perspective repeated endlessly. Most Christians cower as slaves of this old axiom while unbelievers are quite free in speaking out.        


The early Christians were warned, by the ruling religionists of that day, not to speak of Christ. These Christians answered, "Should I listen to God or to men?" Jesus said that He would deny us before His Father if we deny Him here on earth. He also said that we would suffer persecution but that we should be willing to suffer or die for speaking the Truth and testifying of Jesus.        


Virtually every socialist country works to censor the Name of Jesus. In China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba, Christians are put in jail and often killed for their witness. If we Christians don't speak up and live the overcoming life of Christ, then the USA will continue to move toward totalitarian, fascist, socialism. Let's not deny Christ by becoming whimpering slaves to those who say we should not speak of Jesus.        


Let's not keep the current politically correct situation going where the only views allowed on politics, religion, or sex are the views of the anti-God, anti-Church, anti-morality, anti-life, and anti-Christ crowd. Speak the Truth in Love. Use tact, but not so much tact that you don't make contact. Better yet, be led and empowered by the Spirit of God and you'll do the will of God and say His words.        


Our purpose, as Christians, is not to try to repair or save the current dying systems; This system is temporary, and it is dying fast. Our purpose is to press on to higher heights and deeper depths, and to encourage each other to press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ. We need to be the Hand of Christ extended in love to others. The Church doesn't use the Government to tax unbelievers and then use that money to try to help the poor with Government social programs. The Hand of Christ is seen in the aid that quietly went from Christians to flood victims in New Orleans--without any Government involvement or press releases. We Christians also have the important purpose to open the Door to the unsaved for whom Christ died and rose again. Jesus suffered and died for the sins of every person, because He loves us so. We have a wonderful purpose for living. Let's live life to the fullest.        


Below, find a few examples of Christians not being allowed to express their faith.  Click here to learn more." href="">faith.   In China and other countries that have gone over to liberalism, Christians who express their faith are imprisoned or killed.   The same thing happens in countries controlled by Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism.   If you have the ability to express your faith, be thankful for the gift.   Don't neglect it.   For examples of persecution, go to        



Christian Singers, Float Banned From Christmas Parade        
( - Members of a Christian church will not be allowed to take part in Denver's annual Parade of Lights because their float and singing of yuletide hymns would violate the event's prohibition of "direct religious themes," according to a report from WorldNetDaily. However, the parade this weekend will include homosexual American Indians, Kung Fu artisans, belly dancers and Santa Claus but no Christian themes, since that "could be construed as disrespectful to other people who enjoy a parade each year."        



They aren't against religion, just against Jesus.        



GOP Activist Lobbies Congress to Amend US Flag Code        
( - A Republican activist wants to change that part of the U.S. Flag Code mandating that the American flag hold a position of "superior prominence" in churches. He says God should come before country in a religious setting. Chuck Pardee, a Florida resident who won a lawsuit in 2000 against teachers' unions using tax dollars and public space to collect campaign funds, believes it is the right of any place of worship to display the flag of its religion in any position it desires with respect to the U.S. flag.        




School District Agrees to Allow Religious Christmas Cards        
( - An Oregon school district has agreed to change a policy prohibiting students from handing out religious Christmas cards to their classmates. The case involves a 6-year-old kindergarten student, who tried to hand out a card explaining the religious symbolism of the candy cane at a class party last December. The school wouldn't let the student distribute his card last year, but things will be different this year, following a legal settlement.

Last updated: Oct, 2011
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What is the False Interpretation of the Separation of Church and State?



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