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When Does Dogmatism Become A Cult?

God wants us to follow Him rather than following our own minds.   Doctrine is very important, but doctrine is not to be a god. It is human nature for every person's way to be right in his or her own mind. That is natural. On the other hand, God is calling out a people to be spiritual rather than natural.    


Dear Lord, we pray that you deliver those who have fallen into Dogmatism who have made doctrine their god along side or instead of You.   We pray that our hearts be right, that we love the dogmatists-even those who hate us.   Anoint us as we pray for them who despitefully use us.   We pray that Your Holy Spirit minister to dogmatists who become violent.   Cause them to turn from anger, Lord, and toward You.   Teach them to let you unfold the Scripture to them and reveal your truth.   Show them that if any person thinks they know any thing, they do not know it as they ought to know it.   Let them come to You that they may receive your revelation.   We pray that You minister to the hearts of all dogmatists and teach them of Your grace and mercy.   Let them be humble enough to accept the fact that they have no righteousness or knowledge or ability to understand  the Bible or any spiritual things  in themselves and they must depend on You for this revelation.   Make real to them that You have paid the price and that they are able to receive You and be at peace with Your Father.   Reveal to them the fact that there is no other way of salvation other than through Your holy blood, dear Jesus.   Give them a soft heart and don't let them be so arrogant as to reject Your free gift of salvation and all that they need to enter Your Kingdom.



There is much in the Scripture about doctrine and about how doctrine is given, but these Scriptures are ignored or twisted. These Scriptures speak of things that are beyond the experience of most believers. If something is in the Scripture and beyond our ability to understand, we often filter it out. The human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked and who can know it.   There is a way, laid out in Scripture, that doctrine is to be received.   There is so much rebellion in the Church that the Scriptural order is ignored.

The apostle, Paul, said that he had not yet attained.   He pressed toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.   The writer of Hebrews mentioned many dead in Christ who had not attained during their life times, but they were found faithful.   It remains that some must enter into that rest.

Many organizations have some way of stating that they have the correct or the complete revelation of God.   Some even name their organization after a partial revelation.   They have some revelation; that is true.    However, God is infinite.   We are finite.   Our understanding is incomplete.   God is always calling us to a deeper understanding and a closer experience with Him.   If we say that we have everything, we close the door to God.   We become as the Scribes and Pharisees who said that they had no need.   At that point, having rejected further revelation from our Savior, the Light that was in us becomes darkness.   The Living Word becomes the dead letter.  "The letter killeth"  2 Corinthians 3:6 

The Holy Spirit will not give up on us.   He keeps coming back, maybe through the word of a friend, maybe through a web site, maybe through our conscience, maybe through a Bible verse, but He keeps coming back.   He hopes to get us to move forward with the glory cloud.   In the end, we will have no excuse if we don't keep pressing toward the mark of the high calling in Jesus Christ.

The natural reaction of the human to new revelation is to reject it and try to find a way to rationalize it away. God has not called us to be natural but spiritual. He has called us to deny ourselves. Many times, we would be far better off to say, I don't understand it, but there it is in Scripture, so I believe it. I'll put it on the back burner until God makes it real to me.

Every time that God has tried to give further revelation of the Scripture, there have been those who refused to move on with God. Those who have refused to go on with God have tended to condemn those who were moving on with God. Those who are moving on with God don't have time for squabbles. They are moving on. However, once those who had been moving on with God stopped moving, they have plenty of time for squabbles and self-righteous finger-pointing. Then they turn around and condemn those who didn't move on with God.

Now we have some of those who don't speak in tongues saying that those who do speak in tongues are going to hell. Some of those who do speak in tongues say that those who don't speak in tongues are going to hell. Christians attacking Christians over doctrine--it's a common occurrence.

Some of those who believe the Scriptures that speak of Christian choosing or Christian purpose condemn those who believe the Scriptures regarding predestination, and vice versa. Both are Scripture. Both are true. What are they fighting about? Some of those who believe the Scriptures regarding the unity of the Godhead condemn those who believe the Scriptures that refer to the three person's of the Godhead, and vice versa. Again, both are true. The problem comes up when someone tries to use rationalized speculation to go beyond the revelation of Scripture.

If we all seek God, we will all believe the same things. We will all begin to realize that the Bible is authoritative but not of our own interpretation. We will begin to understand those Scriptures that tell about how the Scriptures are to be understood, and we will stop leaning on our own understanding. We will stop leaning on human-devised methods of understanding Scripture. Sometimes, we may even have the humility to admit that we don't know everything.

Rom 8:7   because the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the Law of God, neither indeed can it be.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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