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Without The Bible, Is There Really Any Evidence For The God Of The Bible?


Evidence Outside the Bible


Without the telling of made-up stories, is there really any evidence for evolution or any of the other anti-God suppositions that are out there? No.

"When evolution is seen as a storytelling game rather than a serious attempt at scientific explanation, it suddenly makes sense."

All of science, what can be observed and tested, is a witness to God and to the Bible.

If there were no Bible, God still exists. God speaks to every person. Those who deny this do so because they don't want to hear what God has to say. (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

God is obvious. Nothing creates itself. Complexity does not just happen by chance anywhere. Even something as simple as a skyscraper does not build itself. If someone claimed that Pyramids were formed by natural processes without anyone designing and building them, that person would be considered insane. Why? Because that sort of thing doesn't happen. Some people claim that the microscopic complexity of a single celled organism just fell into place one day. These people are having trouble dealing with reality. They are, in fact, insane.

The Almighty God loves His people and desires to communicate with them in a very intimate way. Since He is Almighty, He is very capable of communicating, and He does. It was a very small thing for Him to speak to the prophets. It was very light work for Him to preserve the original text intact from generation to generation. The historical record of this is very clear, and those who make up stories about how the Bible (in their fantasies) was not preserved are either lying on purpose or simply ignorant. Possibly both. God is very capable of speaking to anyone who seeks Him. He does this through many means, the Bible being one of them.

The reality is that those who reject God do so because they reject God. They don't want to have God ruling over them. It is not the exercise of a high intellect. It is the work of a fool. The fool said in his heart, "There is no God."

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Without The Bible, Is There Really Any Evidence For The God Of The Bible?



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