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World History 4th Century




  • The enemy of our souls changed his tactics from persecution to favor. The church was largely lulled to sleep.
  • Constantine favored Christianity, but it's doubtful that he ever experienced a true conversion.
  • Constantine used Christianity for political gain, in effect, bringing the world into the church.
  • The degradation of the church had already begun previously, but the door now opened to a church of many unsaved Christians.
  • Much more of the Scriptural pattern for the church was lost during this time.
  • Church became one of many tolerated religions.
  • Church was largely polluted by Gnostic paganism and the God-given pattern was all but gone. The moving of God?s Spirit was nearly non-existent. In a sense, the church ceased to be the church.
  • 367 AD, canon of the Scripture officially recognized.
  • Now, it became politically correct to become a "Christian," and many became notional "Christians" without any relationship with Christ.
  • New laxity of behavior and belief introduced.
  • The church now began to use coercion and persecution against any who dared to disagree with it.
  • More disorders and heresies introduced into the church during this century.
  • Civil government was centered at Constantinople. Church government was centered at Rome.
  • 305, Diocletian attempts to annihilate the church.
  • 307, Constantine began his rule
  • 311, Persecution of Christians in Rome comes to an end. Christian church was not made the state church under Constantine.
  • 313 AD, Edict of Milan: All religions legalized
  • 313 AD, Donatists come into existence.
  • Council of Nicaea decides against Arian theology.
  • AD 381, Theodosius IX makes Christianity the State religion.
  • New commitment to building church buildings and acquiring real estate.
  • An estimated 1,540,000 Christians were martyred during the 4th century.


Last updated: Oct, 2013
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