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An Example of How To Use "Just Imagine For a Moment . . ."


This is an example of one way to open up a closed mind.  Paradigms are very deceptive to the persons who have them. 

An ungodly person who is stuck in an anti-God paradigm says,

"Look around you and see all the bad things that go on." 

Then, they may list some of the bad things.  And then they may ask the question,

"If everything were made by God would you expect all this chaos?  But if everything happened by natural processes, wouldn't it look like it does?" 

So you answer gently,

"Just supposing for a moment that God did create everything in the Heavens and in the Earth in six days as He states in the Bible.  And imagine that He knew ahead of time that His creation would rebel against Him, but He had a greater plan that He was executing and He was willing to endure a time of rebellion to get to the final state of His great plan.  Now, just imagine that He made angels who were powerful entities and one of the most powerful of those angels, Lucifer, got puffed up in pride and rebelled.  God had foreknown he would.  And then suppose the God really did create Adam and Eve and that He really did put everything under their authority. 

Now, just imagine for a moment that Lucifer wanted to cause damage, so he got Adam and Eve to obey and believe him rather than obeying and believing God, and that this act on the part of Adam and Eve is what brought death into the world.  Imagine that there was a spiritual law that you become a slave to whoever you obey, so Adam and Eve and all their descendants became slaves of Satan.  And since Adam and Eve had authority over the entire creation, Satan also became ruler over creation as well. 

Now, suppose that God was absolutely just and rebellion required punishment of eternal torment but God was also absolutely loving and merciful so He decided to take the punishment Himself, by becoming a human being, Jesus Christ, and suffering for every person who had ever rebelled against Him so that He could justly pardon every person.  Suppose that all have fallen short of the kind of submission that is required, so all deserve punishment. 

Further suppose that God decided that whoever would now believe Him instead of believing Lucifer would be pardoned and suppose that He also would begin a process of freeing whoever would follow Him.  They would be set free from slavery, not all at once, but a little at a time.  God would give the free gift of righteousness to everyone who believed and accepted it.  Suppose that God won't force anyone to accept His free gift of pardon and righteousness. 

Now, just imagine that only some of the people on the Earth accepted God's offer.  Most didn't want the free gift of righteousness.  Many didn't even want to be pardoned.  Now, if all of that were true as God teaches us through Scripture, how would the world around you be any different from what it is?" 

This is not a formula.  It is just an example of how the Holy Spirit might lead you to speak to such a person and open up their mind by asking them to imagine for just a moment that the truth is reality.

Last updated: May, 2013
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An Example of How To Use "Just Imagine For a Moment . . ."



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