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How Does The Reality Of Christian Addictions To Ungodly Counselors Affect Politics?


Politics and Ungodly Counselors

One thing is certain; Christians need to be warned to avoid ungodly counselors.  We ought to pray for the people in the media that they get saved and then follow Christ and become mature in Him.  In what is called, "the news," over 99% of the news makers and processors are liberals.  Most of the remaining fraction of a percent are hardly godly people.  Christians are kept out on purpose.  So many Christians watch documentaries and don't realize how these documentaries are designed to persuade and to create false impressions.  Many Christians almost worship the universities, the scholars, the many books, the magazines, the news papers, the many web sites, the entertainments in all their forms, plays, TV, comedies, music, etc.  Are these molders of public opinion godly people?  There is a program of message control that resembles the work of the false prophet of Revelations.  The ungodly often attack honest businesses that are not open enough to ungodly ideas or who don't give enough money to promoting evil.  They cover up for those corporations who are dedicated to ungodliness.  They attack high-profile Christians or anyone who will not promote evil.  They promote end-of-the-world environmentalism to sway public opinion. If only Christians were so dedicated.

Christians go to ungodly counselors (news people, professors, teachers, celebrities, psychologists, etc.) because they think they will get satisfaction there. They always appear to get some kind of satisfaction, but never really become satisfied. This is what causes addiction of any kind.

All of the above are what one would expect of the world.  They are doing what they can to establish their world-wide utopia.  On the other hand, the success with which they are able to cause Christians to get off the track is quite amazing.  It's too bad when you hear Christians who are repeating untrue statements that they heard on the "news" or in a secular/Atheistic classroom or book instead of talking about the gospel of the Kingdom. 

It's not something that happens consciously. When the anti-Christ, anti-God forces use Christians to convey their messages, the Christians are used without realizing that they are being used. It's impossible to sit in the presence of the evil one and come out un-burned.  Because of the old Adam, it is easy to spend several hours receiving subtle messages of "human goodness," "the virtues of abortion," "self actualization," and many other such messages when those messages are disguised as either entertainment or else news.  It is because of the old sin nature that Christians are so susceptible to carrying the political messages of those who are anti-Christian.

If you are a parent, you may not realize that many anti-Christ and anti-Bible notions are being fed to your children while they are watching seemingly harmless cartoons on TV.  Keep in mind that the people writing the cartoons are adults who usually have an agenda.  Check out the things that your children are watching.  Are they in line with what the Bible teaches?

Many Christians find it easier to sit in front of a TV, or listen to the radio, or go to a movie than to pray or read the Bible.  They think nothing of spending time reading a secular newspaper, magazine, or book.  In fact, some people think that they need the dis-information contained in these forms of media.  This is because of the fleshly nature, the self which we all need to deny.  We have died to that nature since we were crucified with Christ.  We have no debt to this nature that we should obey it and the lusts thereof.  We need to yield ourselves to God as those who have been freed from sin.

Last updated: Dec, 2013
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