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Humans Can Make Mistakes In Receiving Revelation from God


God took care in building safeguards into the Church regarding revelation.  You will notice that quite a bit of the Bible is dedicated to false prophets, false apostles, and false teachers.  The apostles were given to receive the revelation.  This is one of the reasons that God had to restore them to the Church.  Since God restored this office in 1948, many false prophets and false apostles have arisen.  Many true apostles and prophets have failed to walk in submission to God's pattern and have made a wreck of their ministries.

God is still unveiling the meaning of Scripture, line on line and precept on precept.  If the apostles were to open their Bibles and try to figure out what is meant, they would soon go off course.  God has not led them in that way.  That is the way of the theologians who have done so much damage.  They seek God until God directs them.  God shows them something and then they look into the Scriptures and the thing is confirmed.  We see this process at work in Acts 15.  Then, there is one apostle's doctrine that is taught in all the local Churches.  And those elders in those Churches are commanded to teach no other doctrine.

When the revelation came on communion, it raised quite a stir.  In fact, it was hard for some to accept it.  God showed that it is more than just a remembrance.  It is an impartation of spiritual power that is transferred through the hands of the elders as they bless the bread and that wine.  The bread and wine are unleavened.  Fermentation removes the natural leaven from the wine.  When they looked in Scripture, they could see that this was confirmed.

When the revelation came regarding the office of elders, it also raised quite a stir.  Some people even left.  God showed that the one-man ministry was not part of His plan.  He showed that there are multiple elders in each assembly, and these elders are set by God through the indication of the Holy Spirit.  He showed that they don't receive a salary but rather work willingly without a desire for filthy lucre.  When they checked in the Scripture, that is exactly what the Scripture says.  The locally abiding salaried pastor is non-existent in Scripture.  The chief elder, head pastor, and all such are disorders according to Scripture.

God has put safeguards into the Church to protect us from our own sinful flesh and from the lies of the enemy of our souls.

More Scripture through which God says that He speaks to us and leads us.

Last updated: Dec, 2013
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