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Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims are Turning to Christ


It is important for Christians to understand Islam.  The following pressures are causing many Muslims to turn to Christ.

  • Many Muslims are not secure in what they believe.  Many have never read the Qur'an.  The leaders who study it are often disillusioned and discouraged by the Qur'anic teachings, Islamic cultural pressures, social mores, etc.
  • Moral problem with the amount of violence within Islam.
  • Deep spiritual needs that are not being met by Islam.
  • A different view of God than the loving God Whom Christians know.
  • Hopelessness.  There is absolutely no assurance of paradise in Sharia.
  • A personal, loving relationship with God is impossible within Islam.  It isn't even a desire or a goal.
  • Peaceful Muslims don't like the part of Islam that is hateful or violent.
  • No ability to call God, "Father."  By the way, "Abba" means "Daddy."  It is a term of endearment.
  • Muslims who have questions are often told that they cannot ask those questions but must accept the teachings without question.
  • Jesus is softening the hardened ground Himself through many means including dreams and visions.
  • There are multiple levels of disconnect between what Islam teaches and what the followers of Islam actually desire and long for.
  • Muslims desire to have a spiritual security outside of jhad.
  • Muslims desire a God who listens and answers prayer.
  • Muslims desire a God who will speak and lead and give power to do righteous, loving acts.
  • Muslims desire peaceful societies of compassion and mercy.
  • Muslims desire equality in God's eyes for men and women alike.  The treatment of women causes much disillusionment among Muslims.
  • Muslims desire individual freedom of choice, individual thinking, and individual freedom.
  • Muslims desire to be able to ask questions about God and their faith and receive real answers.
  • Muslims desire an end to violent Islamic sectarianism.
  • Muslims desire practical help and answers for life's daily challenges, and help and answers that go beyond "more Sharia." 
  • Muslims are turned off by the ungodliness that has so infected much of the world that has labeled itself "Christian."  (pornography, greed, homosexuality, abortion, divorce, evolutionism, etc.)
  • Muslims often see the corrupt media (print, film, digital, broadcast) and art forms that proceed from countries like the U.S.A. and associate these corrupted expressions in media and art with Christianity and with Christ not realizing that these very corruptions also revile followers of Christ and that there is great animosity between the perpetrators of such corruption and Christ followers.
  • Non-Arab Muslims often feel like second-class citizens.
  • Many Muslims are put off by the inconsistency of the strict laws against alcohol and certain foods while allowing the drug, khat.
  • Many Muslims are disillusioned by the obligation of Zakat without promoting a corresponding compassion and generosity on a personal level.  Those who personally know Christians begin to notice that Christ followers do have this compassion and generosity as part of their walk with Christ.
  • Muslims sometimes question whether the restrictions on translating the Qur'an into other languages is a way to keep the common people from discovering its contradictions with other Muslim writings and practices.
  • Muslims who read the Qur'an find out that multiple passages affirm the special status of Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah).
  • Muslims pray every day, "Lead me in the right way."   Some wonder why they pray this prayer if they already are in the right way, Islam.  God answers that prayer by leading them to Jesus.
  • Mohammed's dying confession that even he didn't know what would happen to him after death is of concern to many Muslims.  They know that they have no assurance.

 The book, "Miraculous Movements" tells many of the stories of the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who are turning to Christ throughout the world. One such story is of a sheikh who specialized in training the youth to persecute Christians, but who one night had a dream in which a huge stone began to change shape until it became a man radiating light. Allow me to quote:
 "Do you know the Qur'an?" the man suddenly asked in a loud voice.
 "Yes," said Jamil with some pride, "I know the Qur'an."
 "Then answer me this: who is Isa?" the man demanded.
 "Isa is a man."
 "Can you show me where in the Qur'an it says that Isa is a man?"
 Jamil dreamed that he began turning page after page in the Qur'an, but he could not find any passage saying that Isa is a man. It seemed as though he searched for a long time, but somehow, as is common in dreams, none of the words made any sense. Then the glowing man spoke again.
 "So... you think you know the Qur'an?"
 "Yes," Jamil answered, but defensively this time. "Yes, I do know the Qur'an!"
 "Then who is Mohammed? Is Mohammed the way, or no? Who is he."
 "Yes," Jamil cried, delighted at knowing such an easy question. "Our prophet is the way! We go to heaven by his teaching!"
 "Then show me in the Qur'an where it says that Mohammed is the way."
 "Yes, I can show you that," answered Jamil. But once again he searched in vain.
 This dream went on for some time with Jamil's confusion regarding the Qur'an growing. Finally, Jamil awoke in the darkness. He found a flashlight and began to read the Qur'an to see if what he had dreamed was true, and to his astonishment, all the verses quoted by the man in the dream were accurate even though he had no memory of reading them before.
 This is the end of the quote. God led this sheikh to Christ after this and the man is now a Christ follower bringing many others to Christ in spite of threats against his life. In fact, he has been miraculously delivered from those who have wanted to kill him.
 And this is but one story of many--all of them unique.

Last updated: Sep, 2012
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