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Why Not Warn People That Promiscuity And Perversion Are Deadly?


Be aware that recent reports by the mainstream media are only part of the truth regarding a new STD vaccine. That vaccine is being developed to treat two of many deadly HPV STDs. It's good if some lives are saved by this vaccine. It's not good that the warning against the dangers of promiscuity and perversion is not being sounded. There is potential that people will die because of the incomplete information that is being given.

The news story consisted of a proclamation of partial fact, saying that the form of STD that causes most cervical cancer is now controlled by a vaccine, which is 100% effective. This statement leaves out so much information that it is, in effect, not true.

This is big news now, but why was a warning never given previously? 7,000 women die from HPV STD related cancers every year. Most of them never knew the risk they were taking. There has been a news blackout of the risk. How many women have died of this compared to the number of US forces who have died in Iraq, and yet the mainstream media didn't report it.Somewhere in the area of 20 million Americans have some form of HPV right now.Why have they kept this a secret?One look at the mainstream medias direction and programming will tell you that they are pro-promiscuity and pro-perversion.

The report overstated the effectiveness and left out a lot of vital information

  • didn't mention that some women in the study developed dangerous precancerous lesions for which the vaccine is not effective.No one seems to be talking about how many women developed these dangerous lesions.
  • didn't mention that almost all cervical cancer is caused by promiscuity or perversion.
  • didn't mention that this vaccine was only good for two of over one hundred strains of the virus.
  • didn't mention the long-standing news blackout of information regarding the link between promiscuity and death.
  • didn't mention that the vaccine is 0% effective against the spiritual damage caused by promiscuity and perversion.
  • didn't mention that the mainstream media is a pro-fornication and pro-perversion organization.:
  • didn't mention the second study that showed that it was 97% effective.
  • didn't mention that these studies only show short term success--the long-term is unknown.
  • took a swing at abstinence groups while not admitting the mainstream media pro-fornication, pro-perversion position.
  • didn't mention that "approximately 7,000 women in the United States die every year from genital cancers related to HPV."

This vaccine treats only 2 out of 100-plus types--that seems to indicate that they have a vaccine that is somewhat less than 2% of a solution.Other types of HPV cause cervical cancer and painful genital warts. This was not emphasized.Once again, we find that morality is the real answer.

This cancer/promiscuity link was the best kept secret until this 2% solution came out. After keeping the truth hidden for decades, the mainstream media now makes a big splash with this story about the cure. This is the cure to the disease that all these poor women and teen-age girls never knew about. So many women went to their deaths because of a mainstream media that is intent on promoting immorality of every sort regardless of who has to die. Now, a big hoopla is made of "the cure" and we are supposed to trust the mainstream media to tell us the truth. And they still are only giving us part of the story.

Also, a follow up study showed that the vaccine is not quite as effective as the first study showed. In addition, this study only showed a short-term benefit. No one knows about the long-term.

Some mainstream media sources said that pro-abstinence groups were opposed to the vaccine. Which pro-abstinence organizations commented and what did they say? I think that we could safely say that the mainstream media is pro-fornication and pro-perversion based on their record.

Perhaps this overzealous newswoman wants to portray an image of Christian groups opposing health. It's hard to tell what her motivation is, but the statement that she made would certainly help to give that impression. To over-sell the benefits of this vaccine is immoral even by liberal standards, which aren't very high.

The report didn't mention that the vaccine is 0% effective against the spiritual damage caused by promiscuity and perversion. We hope that many are cured and helped. The word of Jesus are very fitting: "neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more lest a worse thing befall you."



Last updated: Nov, 2011
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