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The Cultic Messages That Are Promoted In Every Sort Of Media And School


Self-righteousness is proclaimed and encouraged. This is the liberalistic notion of self-generated goodness.

A judgmental and "morally superior" attitude is projected. The "human righteousness" message is promoted.

Perversion and promiscuity are portrayed as normal and fun.

Purity is portrayed as weird and debilitating.

Marriage and family are redefined. There is an agenda against the Biblical Family order and Biblical Church order.

Anti-life messages are constantly repeated; for instance, abortion, euthanasia or suicide are defended and promoted.

Christians are portrayed as hypocrites, violent, dishonest, or stupid.

Belief in the real almighty God is presented as silly. The authority of God is mocked. Biblical Christianity is not tolerated. The revelation in the Bible is scoffed at.

The ideas that are presented as acceptable are these: "God is a mindless force," or "There are many gods," or "All is god," or "No one can know God," or "There is no God." They speak of Mother Nature rather than give glory to God Almighty. Involvement in the occult is encouraged. Many cults that lead to evil spirit possession, such as yoga and TM, are promoted.

The idea that more governmental control can replace good morals is promoted.

The work that God gave to the Church is assigned to the government. Government social programs are presented as the cure-all. The message is that government or socialism in some form can solve all problems and bring about human-produced "utopia." Government dependency is promoted. A powerful one-world government is often presented as the solution.

Anti-Christian persons and organizations are shown in a good light.

Christian persons and organizations are shown in a bad light.

Christians who hold public office are attacked mercilessly, repeatedly, and unfairly.

The molecules-to-man evolution conjecture / fabrication is presented as if it were a scientific theory, which it is not.  It is very often even presented as if it were a fact--and that is deception of the highest order.

Environmental catastrophe is presented as imminent, as if there were some real science behind it.

Anger and fear are promoted. Extreme and unscientific types of environmentalism instill fear. Envy is promoted, which causes anger. Racial hatred is promoted. Covetousness is used to rally support for various agendas.

False peace movements are promoted. There us a tendency to speak of passivism while endorsing violence.

Addiction to entertainment is promoted. Addictions such is gambling, drinking, perversion or promiscuity are promoted. Strong emphasis is put on seeking pleasure and seeking wealth.

The doctrine is taught: do as thou wilt and the ability to pick one's own tenets from among many liberal tenets.

The doctrine is taught: every person has his or her own reality. Believing in relativism: moral, spiritual, or physical. Feeling that, "My opinion is just as valid as yours." Thinking that all things are relative. Minds closed to the concept of real truth. Believing that there is no such thing as a lie. Believing that there is no right or wrong, just winners and losers. Ability to hold two or more mutually exclusive tenets to be true at the same time is presented as sane. Compartmentalization of areas of thought to allow for conflicting and chaotic thought processes. Rationalized speculation is presented as the source for knowledge and wisdom.


Last updated: Dec, 2013

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