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Speculative Logic?


Speculative Logic

There was a seemingly intelligent person talking about something he called, "speculative logic." What on earth is speculative logic? Logic is logic and speculation is speculation! Something's wrong! People must realize that there is no such thing as a logical assumption, don't they? There is certainly such a thing as an illogical assumption, of course. If something has been shown to be improbable, such as Evolutionism, and yet someone were to assume it (e.g. Evolutionism) to be true, that would be an illogical assumption. . Perhaps it should be clarified that it is not the logic that is speculative. It is the assumption that is speculative. Experience, observation, and logic can, to some degree of probability, show our speculations, our assumptions, to be probably wrong or to be probably right or to remain unresolved.

However, an assumption is something that is put forward as a possibility (just supposing for a moment that X is true). Logic has not shown the assumption to be true, though logic plus whatever limited knowledge is available at the time may show the assumption to appear to be possible. An assumption is something that is put forth without proof. Too often, we begin to believe our assumptions as if they were supported by valid evidence. What happens then is very interesting. We begin to deny reality in favor of our assumptions. Our assumptions become part of our worldviews, and we cease to have the ability to discern between our mental constructs and reality. This, along with our nearly total blindness and ignorance, is one of the great weaknesses of the human mind and of the use of logic. As a simple illustration, if you assume that Z is 10 and you know that Z+Y=20, then you may think that Y=10. This type of thinking is far too regularly used in something that is falsely called "science." This is part of what Jesus was talking about when he talked about those who build on sand and meet disaster. There is a way to build on the Rock instead of the sand. (Read More about building on the Rock)

Logic is a tool that God has given us. It is a very limited tool, but a tool none the less. It consists of a small measure of understanding of the way that things work and the way that God thinks. We can see a fair measure of logic being used in the Bible as God speaks to men and women through His Holy Word. (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

It is important to know the difference between speculation and logic and to always keep them separate. So often, we see people making assumptions and then forgetting that the assumptions are merely made-up ideas. If we make up a story, is it a lie? The assumptions seem to get to be set in stone in the process of applying logic. In fact, people lose the ability to tell which part of their thought is logic and which is assumption. When logic shows that the assumptions are false, people cannot let go of their assumptions. There is an amazing example of a set of assumptions that don't hold up under logical scrutiny when matched with the information that is currently available but that are still taught in just about every school of the planet. This example is sometimes called: "The Axioms of Science." These assumptions are: Naturalism, Materialism, and Uniformitarianism. Actually, the person who referred to "speculative logic" also made the extraordinary statement that Creation Scientists make the wrong assumptions while Evolutionists make the correct assumptions: Naturalism, Materialism, and Uniformitarianism, and that the Evolutionistic assumptions are self-evident. Yikes!

Just as important as knowing the difference between speculation and logic is knowing the difference between speculation and revelation. These differences are not easily discerned. In fact, the only way that they can be discerned is by divine revelation. Divine revelation only can come by coming to know the Divine Revelator, the Holy Ghost. This is only available to those who receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. If you have not already come to know Jesus, perhaps you may consider receiving Him today. If you have received Him and are born into the family of God and have begun to be able to discern and see reality, perhaps you will consider the fact that there are deeper depths and higher heights in Him. Perhaps you will consider the fact that He is an unfolding revelation and you will commit to pressing toward the mark of your high calling in Christ Jesus. (Read More) Atheists have a particularly difficult problem with logic. (Read More)

Last updated: Dec, 2011
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Speculative Logic?



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