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Contact By Aliens, ETs, And UFOs: Walk-ins Or Doorways


Contact by aliens and UFOs: Walk-ins Or Doorways

  •   When those who had been contacted turned their lives to Christ and renounced their occult practices, they were not contacted by the demons again.  
  •   Christians are not good subjects for the "space brothers" (evil spirits) to tamper with.  
  •   Multitudes of people are being abducted against their will.  
  •   Abductees have been subjected to both physical and psychological afflictions.  
  •   Many abductees suffer emotional breakdowns, stress, health problems, live a life of fear, have reoccurring nightmares, and have time lapses and blackouts.  
  •   The majority of those who have been abducted have reported that they have felt a sense of dread, despair, and disgrace which can go on for long years.  
  •   Even many New Age channelers and secular UFO researchers have come to believe that these creatures are evil.  
  •   God will never force any person to do something against his or her own will.  
  •   Abductees often become obsessed with dabbling into the UFO phenomena and occult activities, which, for many, leads to bondage, despair, destruction and suicide.  
  •   The majority of those who have been abducted have shown an interest in paranormal or mystical activities, Eastern religions, New Age movement, astral projection, astrology, channeling, Ouija boards, witchcraft, and so on.  
  •   Contact has been similar to demon possession, for instance, the feeling of paralysis and being incapable of speaking.  
  •   Abductees suffer the same medical and emotional symptoms as the demon possessed.  
  •   Calling to Jesus, even mentally, causes the extra-terrestrial/demon to leave.  
  •   These entities can be halted in the name of Jesus, just like demons can be.  
  •   Over the years, the appearances of the extra-terrestrials change to conform to the public image of extra-terrestrials, which are usually formed by science fiction movies, indicating that these demons are able to take on whatever form would be believable to the person whom they are seeking to deceive.  
  •   There is not enough evidence, from all of the abductions that have taken place, to indicate that a real space craft has ever existed.  
  •   A human can hypnotize another human to believe they have been on board a spaceship, and it is likely that a demon could do the same with a willing subject.   

Walk-ins or doorway: Don't even go near anything like this.  This is demonic possession.  Some have invited these extra-terrestrials (demons) to take over their bodies.

Channeling: a blending, a merging, a touching, between humans and disincarnate spirits.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Contact By Aliens, ETs, And UFOs: Walk-ins Or Doorways

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