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Bible Dictionary: Define Moreover, Definition of Moreover


This is one of those words that the King James translators often just put in even when it didn't appear in the original text.  When it is in the original, it takes the form of one of the following words:

01571 ×'ם gam gam
by contraction from an unused root; adv; {See TWOT on 361 @@ "361a"}
AV-also 5, as 3, even 2, again 1, and 1, misc 22; 34
1) also, even, indeed, moreover, yea
1a) also, moreover (giving emphasis)
1b) neither, neither ...  nor (with negative)
1c) even (for stress)
1d) indeed, yea (introducing climax)
1e) also (of correspondence or retribution)
1f) but, yet, though (adversative)
1g) even, yea, yea though (with 'when' in hypothetical case)
2) (TWOT) again, alike

05750 עו×" 'owd ode or ×¢×" 'od ode
from 05749;;{ See TWOT on 1576 @@ "1576a"}
AV-again, more, good while, longer, else, since, yet, still; 30
1) a going round, continuance
2) still, yet, again, besides
2a) still, yet (of continuance or persistence)
2b) still, yet, more (of addition or repetition)
2c) again
2d) still, moreover, besides

0637 אף 'aph af
a primitive particle;;{ See TWOT on 142}
AV-also, even, yet, moreover, yea, with, low, therefore, much; 17
conj (denoting addition, esp of something greater)
1) also, yea, though, so much the more
2) furthermore, indeed

03148 יותר yowther yo-thare'
active participle of 03498;;{ See TWOT on 936 @@ "936d"}
AV-more 3, better 1, over 1, profit 1, moreover 1, further 1; 8
n m
1) superiority, advantage, excess
2) excess, better
3) besides, moreover, more


235 αλλα alla al-lah'
neuter plural of 243;; conj
AV-but 573, yea 15, yet 11, nevertheless 10, howbeit 9, nay 4, therefore 3, save 2, not tr 2, misc 8; 637
1) but
1a) nevertheless, notwithstanding
1b) an objection
1c) an exception
1d) a restriction

  1161 δε de deh
a primary particle (adversative or continuative);; conj
AV-but 1237, and 934, now 166, then 132, also 18, yet 16, yea 13, so 13, moreover 13, nevertheless 11, for 4, even 3, misc 10, not tr 300; 2870
1) but, moreover, and,  etc.
1e) nay, rather, yea, moreover
1f) forms a transition to the cardinal matter

2089 ετι eti et'-ee
perhaps akin to 2094;; adv
AV-yet 51, more 22, any more 5, still 4, further 4, longer 3, misc 10; 99
1) yet, still
1a) of time
1a1) of a thing which went on formerly, whereas now a different state of things exists or has begun to exist
1a2) of a thing which continues at present
1a2a) even, now
1a3) with negatives
1a3a) no longer, no more
1b) of degree and increase
1b1) even, yet
1b2) besides, more, further

2532 και kai kahee
apparently, a primary particle, having a copulative and sometimes also a cumulative force;; conj
AV-and 8173, also 514, even 108, both 43, then 20, so 18, likewise 13, not tr. 350, misc 31, vr and 1; 9251
1) and, also, even, indeed, but

3063 λοιπον loipon loy-pon'
neuter singular of the same as 3062;; adv n
AV-finally 5, now 2, then 1, besides 1, moreover + 1161 + 3739 1, it remains + 2076 1, furthermore 1, henceforth 1, from henceforth 1; 14
1) remaining, the rest
1a) hereafter, for the future, henceforth
1b) at last, already
1c) for the rest, besides, moreover

Last updated: Feb, 2013
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