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Can We Ever be Misled by Following Our Feelings?


The brethren have been very clear about feelings that feelings can be deceiving sometimes.  When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you are likely to have wonderful feelings.  The feelings are not the Holy Spirit but rather the reaction of your body to the Holy Spirit.  Things other than the Holy Ghost can also cause feelings.  Even such occult practices as Yoga or Transcendental Meditation can cause good feelings but by spirits that are opposed to the Holy Spirit.  Drugs and alcohol can cause good feelings for a while, and these are not from God.  While the Bible does talk about the occult, drugs (sorcery), and alcohol, I don't think it gives an example that explicitly says that someone was deceived by his or her feelings.

God communicates to us through spiritual senses of sight, hearing, feeling, taste, and smell.  Taste and see that the Lord is good.  Today, when you hear His voice... ... you do not savor the things that are of God, but those that are of men.  If we desire to be obedient to God, then we can always discern His communication from the communication of the evil one.  He is very merciful when we do get off course.  Once we are born again, our spiritual senses become more alert and attuned to God.  We know many things simply because God gives us a feeling, a smell, a taste, a word, or an vision.  This is the Rock on which we build.  We can use logic from this Rock of revelation from God, of course, just as the ungodly can use logic from their basis.  The basis of the ungodly is different, though.  Most of the ungodly don't even think about their basis.  If the ungodly do think about their basis, their foundational thoughts, they usually think their foundational beliefs are "self-evident reality," but when pushed will fall back to say that their foundation is based on "presuppositions" or "axioms."  This means that they just made them up, but they have a defense for building on hot air.  All of this is a smoke screen anyway.  The truth is that their foundation is actually a precept from the evil one.  And this precept from the evil one also comes by feeling, smell, taste, sound, or vision.  You can hear it in the way people speak.  "That left a bad taste in my mouth."  "That really stinks."  "I don't feel good about this."  "I would say that this is true."  "I see what you mean."  Every thought, word, or deed originates in the spiritual realm, whether from God or from Satan.

Jesus said, "If you really want to obey God, you will know if what I teach comes from God or from me."  Jesus also said, "My sheep hear my voice," and, "Whoever seeks Me finds Me."  There is a blessed assurance once we are born again.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  If we lack faith, He has faith.  Only when we forcibly throw Him out will He go, and, even then, He will reason with us and look for a way back into our lives.  His place is in union with us.  We know it and He knows it.

Last updated: Feb, 2012
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