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Has environmental responsibility been hijacked by antichrist forces?


The Environment  

Environmental responsibility is included in God's law: you shall love your neighbor as yourself. If you love your neighbor, you will not pollute your neighbor's air or water and make your neighbor sick. This law will be fulfilled by everyone who is led by the Spirit of Christ. The Spirit of Christ will both lead and empower for all these things.

Human efforts, however, will continue to cause more harm than they do good.  

Christians ought not to listen to ungodly counselors. Those antichrist forces who have hijacked the cause of environmental responsibility and twisted and distorted the truth are indeed ungodly counselors. The reality is that these ungodly counselors who are presenting twisted data and out of context facts are not to be trusted.

The antichrist forces have a desire to use their falsified claims of global catastrophe to gain power. They want more power, and they say that this is for the purpose of saving the planet-and some are sincerely fooled into believing this story. There is no scientific basis for their global catastrophe claims.  Interestingly, global socialism, which would eliminate biblical Christianity, seems to be central to the plan to "save the planet."  And, scientists are turning to expose the lie of some of the environmental myths that have been promoted by these politically motivated individuals.  Blessed are those who don't sit in the counsel of the ungodly.

The Christian who is sincere in seeking God must not be distracted by the outlandish claims no matter how well they are presented through the various worldly media. They are presented in a dramatic and effective fashion in order to be convincing. The desire is for power. Christians ought not to follow after them or be deceived by them. Rather, follow let us follow after a deeper walk in Christ, pressing on to higher heights in Him.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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