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What about Christians In democratic government?


Christians In Democracy

The following are a few key points:

  • Democracy is not the answer. Of all the governments in the world, the type of government that the Founding Fathers of the United States formed seems to be the best for the present. The Founding Fathers limited the power of the government. They made it difficult to make huge changes. That is much safer than governments like dictatorship, monarchy, or oligarchy. Unfortunately, the ungodly politicians have used the courts to convert the United States government into an oligarchy.
  • Ungodly government is not the answer. When the government of any city, state, province, or country decides to lock Jesus Christ out of their process, they are ungodly. As it yields itself to ungodliness, it becomes one of the greatest contributors to the problem.
  • You may have praised God when a Christian was elected to a governmental office, either locally or at a national level. You may have been saddened to see anti-Christian groups conspire and coordinate attacks against this Christian and others. You may even have seen that the anti-Christian behavior seemed to divide along the lines of certain political parties. There is plenty of ungodliness in every organization and political party.
  • The news media has proven to be ungodly and untrustworthy and politically biased. You may be ahead to get information from the Christian news organizations on the Internet. Most of these do not take political sides, but they do tell the truth on moral issues, and that will make them more supportive of one political party's candidates than they are of other political party's candidates.
  • The forces for corruption in politics are powerful. Power corrupts. The forces of ungodliness are constantly at work. For this reason, you may vote for a person who has integrity but find that, over time, this person no longer has integrity. Watch what politicians do rather than listening to what they say. Investigate and find out how they vote rather than listening to them tell you how they have voted or how the will vote.
  • Write to your representatives. Support their stand for good, especially if they are believers. Let them know that you disapprove when they compromise on moral issues. The ungodly are certainly putting pressure on these politicians.
  • Don't put your faith in a dying system.
  • Put your faith in Jesus Christ.

"The original lie of the left is that America was a nation founded on a secular worldview -- one nation under who-knows-what, with liberty and justice for all. The monumental task of historical revisionism started 60 years ago and continues to this day. To maintain this fiction, the elite relies on intimidation and ignorance of history -- one reason American history is no longer taught in our schools." ~ Don Feder (Read the entire article)

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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