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How the Ungodly Use Racism to Gain Power




The way to create a slave in a Democratic society is to give a handout that is big enough to create a dependency. Once a person becomes dependent, they are a slave. There are ungodly politicians who recognize this evil and are willing to use it to promote their own ungodly power. Racism has been used to promote this type of political power. First, the concept of race had to be promoted. Then, the fictitious idea of race is used to pit one supposed race against the other supposed race.

Race does not exist. Evolution is logically tied to racism, but Christians who believe in racism are being illogical. Racism is the belief that races exist. There are only two races. There is the race of people who are brothers of Jesus, who have accepted Him as Savior and Lord and walk in reverence toward Him and obedience to Him. Then, there is the race of the ungodly.

Their ungodly cover story goes something like this: "I love these people (the potential slaves) so much that I am going to use force to take money from these other people (a group that usually must be demonized by the ungodly) and give that money to these people whom I 'love'." Hypocrisy? Yes.

And the ungodly are dedicated. The ungodly have taken control of virtually every form of media, the libraries, the schools, and the courts. They will stop at nothing and there is no ethical breach that cannot be justified in the minds of the ungodly.

Those human beings with darker skin are just one of the many groups targeted for control by the power-wielding politicians. The impact of this enslavement is the erosion of personal ambition and many other such problems. It is not race but ungodliness that causes the problem. Race does not exist.

There is a theory called Evolution that says that some people are more evolved than others. This is a lie, but Evolution is one of the primary theological dogmas of the Secular Humanist religion, and Socialism is one of their most important "spiritual" laws. Of course, this myth has been busted, but it persists in the liberal media. The reality is that there is only one race, the human race. God knows no difference between black and white. He only knows the difference between those who are willing to receive Him as Father and those who are not willing. Sadly, even some Churches have bought into the notion of Evolutionism. The ungodly continue to treat those people with darker skin as if there were less evolved than white people. Now, the Mexican people are claiming that they are the most evolved people, which is a thought that is just as ungodly.

Some who don't believe in Secular Humanism have been so indoctrinated by the media, the educational system, and the society have become bigoted against some other randomly selected people. They have come to believe in races, which God does not believe in.

People with dark skin have been chosen by the ungodly (some people call them Liberals, Secular Humanists, or Atheists) as their slaves. The ungodly politicians have decided that these slaves will vote the ungodly politicians power if they, in turn, give dependency-creating benefits to their slaves. These politicians are constantly looking for other groups to enslave. This is the reason for programs such as National Health Care and Social Security.

The programs of the ungodly are the cause of the social problems such as the prominence of the breakdown of family, drug and alcohol abuse, laziness, and violence that we see among the blacks and whites who receive welfare-type programs. These problems are related to political actions of the ungodly. These problems are not related to race. Race is an Evolutionism-induced illusion that does not exist in reality.

Evolution is logically tied to racism, but Christians who believe in racism are being illogical.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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