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Need For Progress, But Let Progress Be Real Progress




The word, progressive, is applied to liberalism. Progress is not progress if it takes us into destruction.

Some Christians want to claim that they know all that can be known. That is anti-Bible.

Agnosticism claims that it knows nothing about God and then goes on to dogmatically claim that no one knows or can know anything about God. Well, that is silly, but there is a small element that is almost according to Scripture. How could they possibly think that they know about the inner experience of every person? And all of us who do have a real relationship with Christ can testify that the agnostic concept is totally out of touch.

The Bible says that we can know some things, but those things that God has not yet revealed belong to God. Deut 29:29

The Bible says that we know only in part. 1 Cor 13:9.

The Bible says that if we think we know anything, we do not know it as we ought to know. 1 Cor 8:2

In Psalm 131 the message is that it is immaturity that makes a person push into things that are over our heads.

What this means is that we need to realize that God can show us more no matter how good we may think that we are. God is infinite. We are finite. When we say that we have the ultimate truth, we close the door to God's desire to bring us up higher.

If there were no speculative aspect to denominational doctrines, there would be no denominations because we would all believe the same things. The suppositions of the Christian are corrupt just as the suppositions of the evolutionist are corrupt. The same self-righteousness that plagues the evolutionist can also plague the Christian.

Sometimes, the more the Christian has studied, the more mired he or she becomes and the harder it is for God to get through. Much of this study constitutes memorizing arguments for highly speculative doctrines. The reality is that it is impossible for anyone to see his or her own error and to turn from it. What is required is an intervention from God. In fact, more than intervention is needed if God is going to have His ultimate will. What is needed is a permanent connection to God Who continues to intervene in a continuous and perpetual intervention. This kind of relationship cannot fit into a static mold but only fits in the Church of God that is being formed according to the pattern of Scripture.

God is moving us on. He is leading the way. It's a way we have never walked before.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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