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Liberalism, A Human Goodness Cult of Totalitarian Coercion


Liberalism is founded on the supposed natural goodness of humans, which is a false supposition and  an attempt to do away with the need for Jesus.  The dictionary describes it as a political philosophy founded on the idea of the natural goodness of human beings, but it is a religion.  

Liberalism almost always takes a position that is opposed to biblical morality and God's laws.  When it seems to support biblical principles, it twists them.  

The government becomes the totalitarian "church" of Liberalism.  Every effort is put into  keeping Biblical Christianity  from having  any influence in the world.  A secondary thrust is to give Liberalism absolute control through the force of government.  Every effort is put into increasing governmental control  and using governmental power to eliminate Biblical Christianity.  Even homes are not safe from  government intrusion.  

The Liberal TV networks, government schools, tax-supported scientific organizations, Secular music industry, Liberal news industry, Secular entertainment industry, Liberal print media, and government radio all are overwhelmingly controlled by Secularist groups,  one of which is  Liberalism.  Every form of entertainment and information is used to indoctrinate into Liberalism and  to demean, marginalize, condemn, denigrate, and belittle Biblical Christianity.  

Liberals have tried to reverse the Christian respect for conscience of conflicting religions.  Christians have avoided legislating morality, but Secularists have worked to coerce Christians into doing things against conscience.  Examples would include endorsing perversion,  or forcing Christians to dispense the morning after pill.  Also, coercion is exercised to prevent such things as Christians praying in the name of Jesus or teaching principles of the Bible. 

Under Liberalism, either humanity, self, or the government becomes the supreme being.

Liberalism recognizes the authority of other Liberals, especially high-profile performers, politicians, authors, or educators.

Liberalism rejects the authority of the Bible as the inspired, infallible, Word of God.  

Liberalism rejects the authority of the Holy Spirit to interpret the Bible. Keep in mind that a person who is in the grips of liberalism can have conflicting thoughts that come from the Holy Spirit.

Liberalism is founded on the supposed natural goodness of humans, which is a false supposition and  an attempt to do away with the need for Jesus.

Liberals see the following to be major contributors to the problem:

  • Biblical Christianity
  • Lack of education (indoctrination into liberal principles)
  • Belief in God
  • Religion other than Liberalism
  • Not enough freedom to sin
  • Not enough government control
  • Free enterprise economic system
  • Belief in the concept moral absolute

Politics is a main thrust of Liberalism.  Liberals foresee a kind of utopian government without God.  The Beetles' song, Imagine, is an example of this theology.  

Liberals feel that the tenets of liberalism must be established.  

They feel that relativism should be absolutely applied and enforced.

  • abortion / assisted suicide / killing the weak and sick
  • godlessness / idolatry
  • promiscuity / fornication / perversion / unequal laws favoring engaging in perversion
  • drugs
  • envy / covetousness / communism / socialism / welfare
  • big totalitarian government utopian promises
  • evolutionism
  • denouncing good as evil / promoting evil as good
  • rebellion
  • relativism
  • exalting the human mind and rationalized speculation
  • self-righteousness / judgmental attitude / false accusation
  • aggression against Christians and Jews
  • aggression to advance liberalism
  • any tactic (and there are many) that advances liberalism.

And Liberalism opposes:

  • Biblical authority / revelation / morality
  • Biblical family / marriage
  • true godliness
  • national defense for free nations
  • law enforcement for free nations
  • free enterprise
  • anything (such as conservatism) that slows the advance of liberalism. 

The more consistently a person follows the tenets listed above, the more "liberal"  that  person is  said to be.  The more a person fulfills the problems mentioned in Romans 1, the more liberal that person is said to be.  

Note: conservatism is not the opposite of Liberalism, but is merely the desire to not change or to change at a slower rate than Liberalism would prefer.  Biblical Christianity is often confused with Conservatism.

Liberalism's view of judgment can vary, but, in general, Liberals do not like to think about Hell.  The more Liberal the viewpoint, the more they will stray from the Biblical Christian vision.                  

Last updated: Sep, 2014
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