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Non Cultic Intellectualism


Non-Cultic Intellectualism  


The dictionary gives the following meaning for intellectualism: Exercise or application of the intellect. Devotion to exercise or development of the intellect. There is nothing wrong with learning, and the mind is meant to be used. In fact, we need the kind of intellectualism that doesn't sit like a dunce, listening to the lies that are being repeated by the educational, news, and entertainment elite. Where are the people who will dig down to the source documents and not just accept the bazaar rationalizations, assumptions, presupposition, and downright lies? Who will be intelligent enough to challenge evolutionism, feminism, anti-family rhetoric, socialism, reconstructed history, liberalism, global warming, modernism, post-modernism, all the other nonsense that is being propagated? And where are the people who will prayerfully search the Scripture when they are told that the Bible says such and such... to see whether the truth is being preached or speculation and error is being preached? In contrast, cultic intellectualism fails to question liberalism, materialism, evolutionism, Naturalism, and many other isms.


God created the human mind to be used is a specific way... in submission to the Holy Spirit. The current battleground is for the mind. The Bible tells us to be transformed, literally, transfigured, by the renewing of our minds. Our minds are still in a state of corruption--even after we have been born again. Our minds need to be renewed, and only the Holy Ghost can do that work. Whoever seeks God will find Him.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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