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Liberals seem to have many fictitious stories about persecution by Christians.  These stories are used to stir up more persecution against Christians--and also against Orthodox Jews.  The reality is that there is constant persecution against Christians.  Christians are the people against which the most discrimination is committed.  Many are tortured or killed for their faith at the hands of liberals/socialists.        


This page lists only a few instances.        


Christian Killed for testifying of her faith in Christ        




In 2005, a woman was arrested in Red China for testifying of her faith in Christ.  In <"" />China, they charge Christians who say anything about Jesus with "disturbing the social order and spreading rumors."  The liberals in the United States have followed suit.  The woman in China was killed--beaten to death.          


Christian Survives Horror of North Korean Prison        


A Christian missionary jailed in North Korea has done what many prisoners in the communist state never do - he has emerged alive to tell about his horrific experience.  The testimony of a Korean-Chinese man referred to only as "Lee" to protect his identity recently was obtained by the Voice of the Martyrs.                    


The missionary says a woman in his Chinese church gave him an ID number to use in traveling to North Korea, saying it belonged to her cousin. When authorities saw the ID number, they immediately arrested Lee, who later discovered the woman was a North Korean spy. He had been set up.        


Wrote Lee of his prison experience: "Between March 5 and 19, I was interrogated daily. Because of the beatings I began to have severe pains in my liver and kidney. My whole body shook uncontrollably. When I tried to stand, I collapsed on the floor.        


Why torture a man for weeks on end? Stated Lee: "My No. 1 crime against the People's Republic of Korea is that for the past eight years I have been spreading the gospel in North Korea and bringing people to Christ." Lee said he also was accused of partnering with American spies.        


Lee says his heroes are those Christians who have endured hardship, torture and the loss of their lives - but who never denounced their faith: "They truly live and die for the Gospel, and they are my heroes. Though their lives were short, what they've done will forever shine with Christ."        



Last updated: Aug, 2010
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A Letter To Lee Strobel On Persecution Of Christians

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