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The Great Divide


There is a great division in America today, and, in this division, is the root of abuse and many atrocities at home and abroad. On the right side of this division are those who have faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, those who believe the teachings of the Bible, and those who believe is traditional values. On the left side of this division are those who accept neither the teachings and leading of Jesus nor the Bible, and those who believe in a new morality based on the supposition-type revelations of some who call themselves intellectuals. This divide has been with us through the centuries. We can see it in all of history.

The division is over two distinctly different views of the world. The view from the right could be called the Biblical view, while the view from the left could be called the supposition-type revelation view. We would say that the view from the right could be called the Christian view, but those on the left have redefined the word, Christian, to mean anyone who has an opinion about Christ and is willing to accept the tag. Christian formerly meant one who has received Christ and is following Christ.

For over one-hundred years, the world's moral base has been changing. The left has largely succeeded in enforcing that the supposition-type revelation world view is the only view taught to our children in public schools. Most of the news media is lead by supposition-type revelation. Evolution, global-warming, and many things that are called, "science" are not science at all but only supposition-type revelation. Many poor legal decisions have been made by judges whose judgment is based firmly on supposition-type revelation.

This divide goes much deeper than ideas, though. It's a division right down to the depths of the soul and to the dividing of the soul and the spirit. The division is spiritual and cannot be reconciled. It is the division between Jesus Christ and Satan. It is between the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error. It is between the world and those who have been called out of the world.

Where will it end? It will end with those who are following Christ coming into the fullness of His glory. The suffering of the present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory which will be revealed in us. Even the creation will be released from bondage in that day. And we, those who have followed Jesus will take one more step into a place where there can be no sin, death, or rebellion. Keep on pressing toward the mark of your high calling in Christ Jesus. The best is before us.

Last updated: Mar, 2011
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