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World Views Versus The Heavenly Vision


There is a huge difference between a worldview and the leading of God’s Spirit

First, it must be stated that every person has a worldview.  The only world we really have to overcome is the world that lives in our hearts and minds.  When we have overcome the world, the devil, and our flesh, we will call that the manifestation of the sons of God.

No one really interacts with the actual world around them.  They interact with their preconceived idea of the world, their paradigm.  This implies a blindness and a bondage, and that blindness and bondage is very limiting.

A worldview can be partially true, or totally false.  It really cannot be totally true.  Total truth requires revelation.  Some people are conscious of their worldviews, but most people are not.  Even among those people who are conscious of their worldviews, they do not realize the extent to which their worldviews affect their real perceptions.

The question is, “What is reality?”  There are those who claim that there is no reality, but even these people are dealing with a paradigm, a picture of reality, that makes the outlandish claim, “There is no reality.”  Their statement could be rephrased as follows: “The reality is that there is no reality.”

We all have a worldview, whether we want to or not.  However, God wants us to lean on Him rather than our own understanding.

There are four parts of every worldview.

  • Background theory of the universe
  • Background theory of human beings
  • Background theory of what is wrong
  • Background theory of what is needed to fix what is wrong

The media and the advertisers apparently think that we need more pleasure and less inconvenience.  They are ungodly counselors.  One of the main problems in the Church is that Christians constantly listen to this kind of ungodly counsel hidden in entertainment, the news, education, and advertising.

What is the media presenting as desirable?  What are the advertisers presenting as desirable?  Do you see that they are showing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ as being the solution to the problems?  No.  Do you think that they are seeing the problem as a lack of the flow of the Anointing of God?  No.  Just the opposite!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a methodology for better living.  It is reality.  It isn’t an opinion or a creation that is developed by humanity.  The Gospel is something that flows from God.  Revelation must be a continuous flow.  There is something in the Gospel that disallows our storing it up and saving it for another day.  That is because the Gospel is all about being joined to God. 

The human mind was never created to be separate from the Spirit of God.  The human mind was created to be connected to the Spirit of God, and it is created to be in submission to the Spirit of God.  That’s why the Scripture says that we must not lean on our own understanding but rather acknowledge God in all things.  For the mind to work correctly, it must be in submission to the Spirit of God, which is only available through the salvation that God gave us through Jesus Christ.

Last updated: Aug, 2010
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