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World History 16th Century


What was gained or lost


Details & lessons learned



  • Restored:
  • The just shall live by grace through faith. Salvation is a gift from God, not of ourselves.
  • Accomplished:
  • Further released the people from oppression of an corrupt government/church system.
  • Many false conceptions abandoned.
  • 1505 AD, John Knox born
  • 1505 AD, Luther joined the Augustinian "to find God".
  • 1509 John Calvin born.
  • 1515 AD, Luther was converted and began declaring salvation by faith alone.
  • 1517 Martin Luther opposes sale of indulgences
  • 1519 Martin Luther challenges infallibility of Pope
  • 1520 Anabaptist movement begins: Munzar
  • 1522 Martin Luther?s translation or the NT published
  • 1524 Zwingli abolishes Catholic mass
  • 1525 Tyndale's translation of the NT published
  • 1528 AD. Calvin converted. Calvin was critical of the corruption of the Catholic church and considered himself God's chosen instrument for the conversion of the world.
  • 1530 Augsburg confession
  • 1531 Zwingli dies
  • 1534 Martin Luther?s translation of the OT published
  • 1536 William Tyndale burned
  • 1538 AD, Calvin became influenced by Bucer's ideas on ecclesiastical organization.
  • 1541 John Knox leads reformation in Scotland
  • 1543 Spanish inquisition?Protestants burned
  • 1546 Luther dies
  • 1560 Beginnings of Puritanism
  • 1564 John Calvin died.
  • The Catholic church taught that doing good works would bring a person into favor with God. Despite doing many good works, Luther found no peace of mind.
  • The church began to throw off the shackles of ecclesiastical tyranny.
  • Restoration: Justification by grace through faith.
  • Calvinism was based around the absolute power and supremacy of God. Also, the New Testament, baptism and communion given for divine guidance when seeking faith. Calvin believed in predestination both to heaven and to hell.
  • Many false doctrines abandoned.
  • Many traditions remained through this century.
  • Many of the religious people rejected this restoration of the revelation of God, giving religious reasons for doing so.


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