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Aileen Klassen Testimony


Christ in you the hope of glory?

This "word" has become more dear to me, as the Lord reminds me that he is in me.. When we need to talk to him he's only a breath away.

One day as Jesus disciples were at sea, a great storm came against their boat, the disciples began to despair they called on the Lord Jesus who had been in the boat all the time, he was not afraid, panicked or disturbed he spoke to the wind and the waves and said peace be still. And there was a great calm.

Another time the disciples were on the sea in the boat, they thought they saw a ghost, but it was Jesus, He was walking on the water- when Peter realized that it was Jesus walking on the water he wanted to do the same. So Jesus invited him to come to him, Peter boldly stepped on the water but when Peter looked at the dark scary water he took his eyes off his Lord, and he lost courage, fear gripped him and he started to sink, but Jesus put out his hand and held him up.

So many times when we have trouble we focus on the problem, if we take our eyes off the problem and focus on the lord he will help us rise above it. How do I know this? Because many times I have experienced the dark choppy water. I heard a brother a few years back say something I have never forgotten, he said rise above? the problem shout praises to each other in prison? and the shackles will fall off.

One day about 2 weeks ago some muscles in my back seized up. You know what entered my mind, oh, this has happened before and the only way I had release from pain was through a chiropractor. I had not experienced this for a few years, fear gripped me and I thought the worst. I wondered who would stand with me in prayer. Every one was gone for the day to work or somewhere.. Then I remembered in conversation the day before, my blind friend had offered to come over today. So I called her--when she arrived, there I sat on the couch, miserable, hardly able to move. She felt very inadequate to pray for this and declared that she needed back up somebody who had more faith, I said we don't have anyone else its just you and me. Besides, isn't it the lord who heals? We were reminded we were focusing too much on the problem--lets turn our eyes on the Lord. We praised the Lord and worshiped him, we continued worshipping for about an hour, at about 11:30 I noticed a definite improvement. And my friend had to go home for lunch.

My back steadily improved over the next few days. When I was so sure I needed a chiropractor, the Lord made that unnecessary. Why is it we so often allow stress to overwhelm us and our hearts fill with fear and unbelief? When all we have to do is turn to him, he is there all the time, he tells the storm, peace be still.

-Aileen Klassen
Winkler Assembly

Last updated: Aug, 2010
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