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Lazarus Raised From The Dead In Tanzania

"I want you to know, Lazaurus our driver said, that since I met you, I am
now Christian"!

We have thanked the Lord for the last 10 days for our hired driver
Lazarus. Lazarus drove our crowded team of 7 thru what were almost
impassable roads, to meet with the saints in remote places in Tanzania.

At each meeting, the church folks would have each of us stand and bestow
a nice greeting to us, showing more honor and attention than we wanted or
deserved. We would ask Lazarus to also greet the people, calling him the
angel that God sent to us for our protection and travel. 

At first, Lazarus would sit at the back of the meetings, with his
shoulders slumped. At each meeting, he heard the gospel over and over. He
heard the good news, the message on heaven and hell, and the gospel of
the Kingdom. 

It seemed that at each meeting, he moved closer to the front of the
services. He ate his meals with us, he watched us pray before we began
each long trip.

He seemed to walk more erect, stand more firm, with square shoulders that
come from the dignity that one haves from being appreciated, and loved.

And at some point, we don't know for sure when, Lazarus gave his heart to
the Lord!!

Lazarus was born a second time. Lazarus born twice, that he might die
only once.  Pity to those that are born once, and die twice. A human
death and a spiritual death.

Lazarus was raised from his spiritually dead life, to a life in Christ.

>From Tanzania- Andy Snoke

Last updated: Aug, 2010
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