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India Thus Far



India - Thus Far  
The monsoon rains poured out its fury on the thatch roofed church building at Bro G.S. John's compound here in India during our service. Droplets of rain made their way through the thatch roof, wetting the saints gathered below.  
It was almost a metaphor for what the Lord was doing. The Holy Spirit rain that is being poured though out the earth, was making its way in to India as well. That night, many were filled with the Spirit, many lives were dedicated to our great Master.  
We met (4) brothers that God had brought to the camp from far away, with a God given thirst for greater things. Two were Hindu converts, two were Muslim converts. One Muslim brother had been spoken to not through other Christians, but through a vision. In time, he gave his heart to the living Savior. After a few struggling years later, his wife also abandoned the darkness of Islam for the living Savior of all man kind. Our dear brother still carries the scars of his near death beating at the hands of this ex Muslim brothers, because of his conversion. He walks with a limp now, but he walks straight for Jesus.  
Saryn Hingston and Alicia Kubassek have poured out their love, their time, their comfort, and their lives to teach these almost 100 orphans at our Bro G.S. John's compound. They have enriched the lives of these little ones, and they have been enriched themselves. When we arrived, Alicia had been running a high temperature. After a visit to the hospital, the infection was brought under control in 24 hours. These are the inconveniences of North American stomachs living in a far away land. May God Bless these sweet servants of God.  
One of the local church elders died at a young age. We met his widow and her tender young children. She is now destitute, with no means of support. We stood with her as she gave her two children to Bro John, so that at least the children would have food and clothing. She would have to leave. We stood there wishing we could do something to make a difference. We ministered to her to allow her to pay for her immediate needs, but we committed her uncertain future to a faithful Provider in our Lord. The children will be well taken care of. Bro John will see to it. Saryn Hingston and Alicia Kubbesek will see to it. They will miss their mother.  
Nicholas and Jacob Kechter, Meridith and Lidia Kechter, 4 small children from Fort Collins Co, sent along 100 toys to give out to the orphans. Susan Wingfield of Virginia, along with my sweet Debbie Snoke, handed out each toy personally to 100 kids. We saw 100 smiles. There were 200 hugs! These are children, that just a few days and months ago, were bonded servants. Many, as young as 4, only means of life was begging on the streets. Now they have food, clothing ( they are still wearing and using the clothing sent from the Olsons of Nebraska) love, and are being taught  
about Jesus.  
On to Bro R.K Paul's we traveled by train, a 19 hour trip, then by jeep another 4 hours. We arrived for the morning meeting exhausted, but we were quickly revived. 250 souls had been there waiting since 9:30, though we did not arrive until 11:30. They were prayed up, and praised up. R.K Paul told us that the church there had just concluded 40 days of  
fasting to call on the Lord. NO wonder the presence of God was so rich.  
The meeting, though it was only one, was rich in Spirit. Bro R.K Paul was called to a private room in his house after the meeting. He was introduced to a well known actress of this area/ country that has been invited by one of the elders. She had stood out of site, but within hearing of the booming PA system on the roof top ( so that everyone could hear). She did not want to be seen, she did not want her celebrity status to muddy up the meeting. She is a Muslim. She told brother Paul that she had been so blessed!!  
Who knows how many hearts and lives these encounters with the Holy Spirit have. Who knows the eternal implications? We know that the day will come when every eye shall see, every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is  
Lord, to the Glory of God.

Please continue praying for us, there are still may places to visit, many miles to cover, many hearts to touch for Christ.

Last updated: Feb, 2011
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