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The Miracle Of The Doll Suitcase


This is a true story. The web master of this site personally knows the author, Andy Snoke.

On my last trip to India ( Feb 2005) I was given over 100 small toy dolls to give out to the orphans.  These were donated by a mother in the church who purchased them specifically for the orphans.

I arrived in Denver, CO late at night, with a 4:00 am shuttle to the airport for my connecting flight to the other side of the globe. As I opened to inspect the orphans toys, the suitcase zipper completely ripped out.  My heart sunk!  How could I possibly get these toys to India? My suitcase could not be repaired, and had to be discarded.

I had no other suitcase to use. I was "landlocked" at the hotel at midnight, and I had no  other options.

I prayed " Lord, if you want these little toys to be placed in the hands of your children in India, you will have to make a way for me to get them there, and pretty quick!!"

I soon opened the door of my hotel room, and found - yes-  a SUITCASE outside my door. I of course did not believe that God had placed it there for me. I picked it up to inspect it thinking that another guest had forgotten it.

On the suitcase was a note attached that read " dear hotel- I am a pilot. My suitcase has a broken wheel, please dispose of it for me".

The suitcase was meant to be thrown away- but God meant it to be filled with children's toys! Why the pilot left it outside the room near my room, late at night, was by divine intervention.

I excitably filled the suitcase up, and every toy fit!! A few days later we were blessed to personally hand out each toy, with a hug or a handshake to over 100 children.

If God is that much interested in supplying a suitcase for toys for children, how much more will He give His children.

This is not just an "internet" story. It happened to me.  Our God will supply your needs.

Remember the suitcase.

Andy Snoke

My experience tells me that the members of the naturalistic religions will have a knee-jerk reaction to try to think of a naturalistic explanation for this, because they don't want to give glory to God.  For the rest of us, let's be sure that we say, "Praise the Lord!" right out loud.


Last updated: Aug, 2010
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