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Here is a little history and some updating... This month (March) we are celebrating thirty-five years of broadcasting the Gospel of the Kingdom to the Caribbean (West Indies) and South America through the "SHARON GOSPEL HOUR". This half-hour broadcast was aired over the years from various stations including GBS-Radio Guyana in South America, PJD2 from Dutch St. Maarten, Radio PARADISE from St. Kitts, ZDK-Antigua, and CBC-Radio Barbados. For three years we also hosted a weekly half-hour television programme called "THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM", aired in several islands on prime time (Thursdays - 7:30pm) through the facilities of ABS-TV, a small network of three Caribbean stations.

The broadcast opened up the Caribbean and Guyana in South America to this wonderful message of the Kingdom, and still continues to have an impact. Many have been introduced to the truths of the Kingdom, Sonship, and the Great Reconciliation. Well over a thousand letters - probably many more than that - have been received over the years from listeners. There are many hundreds of homes in the islands now receiving the SHARON STAR. It was through the broadcast that initial contacts were made with "key" brothers and sisters who became the core of our local assemblies, including several "pastors", some of whom went on to become local elders. (Even the initial introduction to this "Move" for Travelling Deacons, Gilbert James and Robert Persaud, was through the broadcast.) In the interest of history, the SHARON GOSPEL HOUR is rooted in an earlier broadcasting effort in the beginning of this Move of the Spirit when Br. Herrick Holt hosted the "SHARON BACK HOME HOUR" from North Battleford, which continued for several years. Later, the SHARON BACK HOME HOUR was revived by Br. Doug Whitter and renamed "THE GLOBAL MISSIONS BROADCAST", then aired from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, which continued right up until our brothers homegoing a few short years ago.

The SHARON GOSPEL HOUR actually had its initial beginning in 1968 in Manitoba as the "FELLOWSHIP TIME" broadcast of the Bethesda Bible Institute, hosted by Br. Hardi Kubassek and myself. From 1970 onward, when we came into this Move of the Spirit, we changed the name to SHARON GOSPEL HOUR. Br. Herrick Holt and myself then co-hosted the broadcast for several years, along with help from Br. Robert Oldridge (during the period he lived on the island of Antigua).

Since this month marks thirty five years of nonstop broadcasting to the Caribbean, we are celebrating by re-airing excerpts from messages given Br. Herrick Holt, my co-host of an earlier time, who went to be with the Lord in 1987. There is as much life and anointing in those old messages today as there was then. We're also airing portions other broadcasts reaching back nearly 35 years, featuring several of the older Brethren and many of the singers from those days. We expect a good response from the listeners.

Today, the half-hour SHARON GOSPEL HOUR continues to be aired each Sunday from CBC-Radio Barbados, and ZDK-Antigua, which I continue to host, with the help of material provided by many other Brethren and even local assemblies. Without them, and the prayers of the saints, it couldn't be done. These two stations cover most of the islands and reach into South America. A third broadcast, "THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM", is aired from Trinidad and Tobago, and is hosted by Br. Gilbert James. Although 35 years have come and gone, the Brethren still feel we should continue to carry on at this time. When this phase of the outreach is completed, the Lord will likely lead us on into different forms of outreach. That time is known only to Him. Although broadcasting has certainly "worked" in the Caribbean, I don't personally believe it is necessarily THE thing to do in other parts of the vineyard. as various Brethren have expressed, each area is unique and different, and we need the mind of the Lord for each one.

Respectfully submitted,

Br. Terry Miller
ZDK-Antigua and CBC-Radio Barbados

Last updated: Aug, 2010
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