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Here Is Some Real Reality


Stories allow the author to make something seem true that is not true.  By telling the story, a lie seems to be obviously true because it works in the story.  This is even true if we know, from experience, that the story is a lie.  We involve ourselves in stories and they change us.

One of the favorite themes in fiction is the romantic fornication theme.  The theme proclaims the joys of fornication and adultery.  Fiction gives the writer the ability to present a case for that which is not true.  The amount of personal harm that fiction writers do through this methodology is astronomical. 

Here is some real reality from agapepress

"A recent study of the effects of sexual conduct shows Americans suffer negative consequences at a rate three times higher than other economically advanced countries."

Mary Rettig

"But this [the study] did clearly document that we, as a culture, have lots of people and lots of days lost to life and to illness because of our sexual behavior." 

"There's this notion that the people who enjoy sex the most are [the people who are] the most promiscuous -- and it turns out to be just the opposite,"   

"women who are in faithful marriages and who attend church have the highest sexual satisfaction of all groups."

Dr. Gene Rudd

Dr. Rudd also noted that there are several studies over many years that keep confirming the same thing. These studies are wide-ranging and from sources like Stanford and University of Chicago, and the results always indicate that women who are faithful to their husbands and who attend church regularly experience more satisfaction than all other groups. He also noted that personal experience as a gynecologist has shown him the physical pain and suffering that automatically follow those who ignore God's pattern.

Source: Article by Mary Rettig on

Last updated: Feb, 2012
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