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Selective Enforcement, Coercion, and Fascism


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.



Selective Enforcement, Coercion, and Fascism

It is interesting how selective enforcement can be. The tax code is a perfect example. People with liberal politics like Geithner, Rangel, Daschle don't suffer any hardship for evading taxes. "There are "working people" rotting in prison at this very moment for the same thing that is being overlooked so Geithner and Daschle can be promoted to high government office. Is this "fair"? Is this "change"? Is this  surprising in the least?" (Read more)

If there is a person who continually makes evolutionists look stupid in debates and that person is advised by his accountants to do his books in a way that is not fully compliant with the way, than that person goes to jail for a long, long time.

In a slew of less-than-truthful attacks on Dr. Kent Hovind (Park Manager and Head of Creation Science Evangelism), and Dinosaur Adventure Land facilities, Greg Martinez clearly demonstrated the levels at which secular media and their journalists are willing to stoop in order to paint an invalid picture of an honest operation. This article will deal with the Nov-Dec (2004) issue of Skeptical Inquirer. (Read more about this)


Starting on page 47 of this issue, Greg Martinez begins his diatribe against Dinosaur Adventure Land by painting a ghetto picture environment by claiming that DAL is surrounded by "boarded-up buildings and abandoned strip malls." Perhaps our friendly "Skeptics" are skeptical of natural forces, such as Hurricane Ivan. Let's not forget that Pensacola, Florida endured many hours of hurricane winds exceeding 100mph. It's true; many people evacuated the area and boarded up their homes to protect their belongings from the coming calamite. However, today Pensacola is back up and functioning at almost 100% now that many weeks of hard work have been invested into the destruction zone. I suppose it's not important for Mr. Martinez to be completely honest when slandering Christians and their facilities.

When this tactic did not work, within a short time, something was wrong was found with Kent Hovind's bookkeeping. He had to go to jail for a long, long time. An ungodly politician might have gotten his hands slapped. A normal citizen might have gotten a very short sentence. The law is flexible and can be used to punish oponents.

The law is not enforced equally. The United States has powerful political forces in it that are trying to convert it into a Secular Humanist nation, and they have largely succeeded in terms of power and money. The Atheists get tons of grant money from your tax dollars to fund projects such as Secular Humanist universities, propagation of the "gospel" of Evolutionism, Feminism, Socialism, Hedonism, Anti-Family, and many other Atheist doctrines.

Some Christians have distanced themselves from Kent Hovind as a result of his conviction. The Christian army may be the only army in the world that shoots their wounded. (^;

It is interesting that Ken Ham's Creation Museum and the building of the actual-size Noah's Ark has been attacked. Every trick in the book has been used by the Atheists. They are very zealous. And every lie imaginable has been told. Keep in mind that, for an Atheist, a lie is not an abomination. They are supposed to be ungodly. They are Atheists. There was an attempt to use the tax code to eliminate The Holy Land Experience as well, but that legal battle was won. When Baker was arrested for faulty accounting, what would have been a mild repremand for anyone else became a major prison term. This is the definition of Fascism.


Evolution isn't science.


Here are some audio and video resources for conversations with unbelievers:


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