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Which Two Definite And Divergent Groups Are Each Trying To Define Christianity?


Redefined Christianity  




    There are two definite and divergent groups each trying to define Christianity.   One group seeks to base Christianity on the Bible as prayerfully revealed by the Holy Spirit. The other group is a consortium that  just makes it up as they go along.   These two groups are  spread throughout the denominations and the non-denominational denominations of Christendom.   We could call this first group, "the true church."   We could call the second group, "the false church."   The consortium is made up of pantheism, paganism, and other occult religions.    Along side the pagan attack, the naturalists, humanists, atheists, agnostics, and materialists are leading a second subtle attack by infiltrating the churches.    




The false church is post-modern.   We see every aspect of life being challenged by a philosophy of post-modernism. Post-modern reasoning is not restricted by facts. It can look at the creation and come up with evolution. Post-modernism can look at what the Bible says, in Romans 1, about perversion and many other sins, and come to the conclusion that God condones perversion. In the Post-modern view: "The U.S. Constitution says that Congress shall make no law restricting the free exercise of religion-----that means that we should restrict the free exercise of religion." Post-modernism is what makes anyone read a book like the Da Vinci Code and even give it a second thought.    


This  mental  illness,  post-modernism, is used everywhere in the apostate liberal church,  the New Age Movement,  and in the Agnostic, Atheist, and Secular Humanist pseudo-faith groups. The amazing thing about post-modernism is the lack of any real substance. The thought processes used by the liberals are so silly that one wonders how anyone could fall for such a thing. The answer, of course, is that they fall for it because they want to fall for it. They love darkness rather than light. They hate God and His laws.   They don't want to retain God in their knowledge.   They don't want to acknowledge God and get to know Him and let Him control their lives.    

    The redefinition of Christianity is only the latest in a series of progressive attacks.   The redefinition of science, history, morality, laws, the U.S. Constitution, and ethics were just steps on the way to this final step.      





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Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Which Two Definite And Divergent Groups Are Each Trying To Define Christianity?

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