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There Is Only One Sure Way To Avoid Being Deceived By Cults.


How to Avoid Cults


You must come close to Jesus and get to know Him--this is the only place of safety.

There is coming a deception so terrible that it would be impossible to avoid being deceived were it not for this one way. The only way to avoid being deceived is to get to know the real Son of God so well that you can tell when something is not from Him. That requires standing in His Holy presence.

That means practicing His presence in your daily life. That means obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit. As you do this, you will get to know Jesus ever more personally. Remember that you are finite and He is infinite. That means that you can always get to know Him better. And the better you know Him, the better it gets.

Don't let anyone deceive you. Every single person who sincerely persists in seeking Jesus does find Him Who is the only Source of fulfillment, satisfaction, meaning, purpose, wisdom, knowledge, righteousness, stability, understanding, peace, love, hope, faith, joy, and goodness. You were created to be born into God's family, His called-out remnant. And this remnant is designed to be built into a holy temple according to the pattern of Scripture. As you continue seeking Christ, you will begin to see Him in your brothers and sisters. You will find many things that are not of God's order, pattern, and process to be falling away from you. You will be formed into His likeness from glory to glory.

Watching out for cults will not protect you.

Studying cults won't protect you.

Learning doctrine won't protect you.

Going through religious forms won't protect you.

You must come close to Jesus and get to know Him.

Jesus has provided ways for you to come close to Him.

First, you must accept the salvation that He has provided, forgiving you for all your sins and also releasing you from slavery to those sins.

Once you have accepted Him, He has given you much. It would be impossible to write down all that Jesus provided for those who will receive Him. Here is a starting point. Once you have received Jesus and His wonderful salvation, He lives in your mind. Believe that Christ is with you and in you and in all believers. Prayerfully read the Bible, asking that the Holy Spirit make the Word come alive to you. Spend time in prayer. Be filled with the Spirit. Walk in the Spirit, and you won't fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Spend time meditating on Jesus and the Word (Bible)--this is not to be confused with the mind-blanking demon-possession cults. Everyone who seeks Jesus will find Jesus. Everyone who seeks a deeper walk with Jesus will find a deeper walk with Jesus. Those who are seeking some sort of spiritual experience have no guarantee of finding Jesus. You must seek Jesus to find Him. Go to a Christ-centered church that preaches the Bible as the infallible Word of God. God has provided the church as the way to be built up to the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ. Ephesians 4

If you don't stand in the presence of Jesus, you will fall for something.

A few other points:

  1. Almost all cults use the Bible, but they interpret the Bible by their natural minds.. Use your Bible as your guide, but pray that the Holy Spirit reveal the Word to you. God will speak to you through the Bible. The Bible warns about being double-minded. To be double-minded is to try to both use your own carnal mind and God's mind.
  2. Man-made patterns for the Church are dangerous. The Scriptural order of the Church is designed to avoid cults and cult-like thinking. The Scriptural order of the Church has been restored. This Scriptural order is being counterfeited, that is true. And it was being counterfeited as the New Testament was being written. Paul writes about false apostles. John writes about false apostles. The Bible speaks a lot about false prophets. Yet the false does not make the real any less real
  3. Submission to the Spirit is key. Seek to be led by the Spirit. Obey the Spirit. Walk in the Spirit.
  4. The New Testament tells us that failure to recognize the anointing on our brother or sister is antichrist. Failure to recognize ministry gifts is antichrist. Failure to recognize false gifts as being false is antichrist. The spiritual senses that allow us to discern are developed by reason of use. That means, repeated obedience to the Spirit of God. God never leads into sin and always leads into righteousness.


Last updated: Apr, 2014
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There Is Only One Sure Way To Avoid Being Deceived By Cults.

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