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Examining The Ways To Interpret The Bible


Interpretation from a scoffer's world-view:

The correct way to interpret a statement in an objective way is to say, "I don't know about that about that particular point," whenever a statement has any possibility of being interpreted in many ways. But dogmatic scoffers are not objective. If there is any way or if there are any assumptions that could make the statement a non-error, then the naturalist, if he or she were open-minded, would not claim that there was an error. If the scoffer were actually open-minded, they would further admit that there may be scenarios of which they are not aware. Virtually every claim of biblical error involves a person who is claiming that his/her interpretation is the only possible interpretation and, in every instance, they are making assumptions. Without these false assumptions, the supposed error disappears.

God's order for interpreting Scripture:

The first part of the answer is that the correct way to interpret the statement is by seeking the Lord for the meaning. If two people both have revelation from the Lord on any Scripture, their revelation will not be in conflict. They may see the Scripture from the viewpoint of their own gift and ministry, which may, to the natural man, seem to be in conflict, but the Holy Spirit never conflicts with Himself. Revelation is never in conflict with the revelation of Scripture.

The second part of the answer has to do with the very necessary safeguards that God built into the Scriptural church order, the Scriptural church order that most of the church chooses not to follow. Every Christian is aware of the deceptiveness of the human mind and how It is very easy to interpret Scripture by the human mind and think that a revelation from God is taking place. When revelation is given, it is natural for the human mind to try to fill in that which has not been revealed. Whether they rationalize their speculation or spiritualize their speculation, they fill in from the human mind and blunt God's Sword. This is one of the main causes for doctrinal debates between Christians and it is actually a sign of spiritual immaturity. There is nothing that we think that we know that we really understand as we ought to.

The order of God, which is clearly given in the Bible, shows the wisdom of God in creating an order that, among many other benefits, provides the benefit of guarding against division because of speculative doctrine.

Last updated: Dec, 2011
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