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How do the zealots of evolution use rationalized speculation as if it were miraculous revelation?


Short Answer

Evolution is one of the concepts that some people call "rational." According one definition of the word, rational, evolution is rational; that is, it is based on rationalized speculation. According to the other definition of the word, rational, evolution is not rational; that is, it is not sane to think that rationalized speculations, lies, poor logic, and all sorts of fabrications are reality. Evolution, by the way, isn't science.

There is a form of rationalism that believes in revelation by the human mind without the benefit of observation, and even believes that this form of revelation is superior to observation. There are also two other forms of revelation that are believed, by some, to exist: revelation from God and revelation from evil spirits. Those myths of evolution that claim that the revelation that comes from God is a myth--those myths about evolution come from Satan.

In an effort to appear more credible in our materialistic world, some seek to cloak the miraculous revelations they have received from their own minds or from evil spirits by stating their revelations in the language of rationalism. In religious circles, particularly within New Age pseudo-Christian groups, some people spiritualize their speculations.

One of the primary rationalized speculations of this era is the rationalized speculation that claims that God cannot communicate and that spirits don't have an influence. This rationalized speculation is known as "Naturalism." The concept of Naturalism is a prime example of a belief that has no basis in observation. Naturalism is declared as an absolute fundamental truth, and there is no proof that Naturalism has any validity. There is, in fact, a massive amount of proof that makes the assumption of Naturalism an obvious lie.

It should be obvious that if God is almighty, which He is, He is well able to communicate when He chooses to. He is well able to reveal what He wants to reveal to whom He will.

Detailed Answer

The information on this page may be an eye-opener to those who love to think of themselves as rational. Most likely, those who really love to say that they are rational will have trouble even understanding what this page says.

In our stuffy society, no one seems to want to admit to believing in miraculous revelations, yet almost everyone does believe in them. Now, you say that you don't believe in miraculous revelations? I'll bet you do.

When you watch two people argue and you note that they both have the same information but are interpreting it differently, you may wonder why they couldn't agree. You may even take one side over the other as you listen. The political campaigns would be an example. Perhaps there are times when you don't have an opinion or can't decide which one is wrong and which one is right. Why can two intelligent people disagree while having the same information? Because they not only have that information, but each of them also has a whole set of assumptions that are guiding their interpretation of that information. Along with these assumptions, they each have life experiences that are unique to them. Throughout their lives, they have learned from their interpretations of these experiences--usually not from the experiences themselves. Their interpretations are colored by their basic assumptions.

Those who assumed that the earth was flat got quite nervous with Christopher Columbus' vision that he could go across the ocean in the way that he did. Of course, Christopher Columbus was not operating in the realm of assumption or rational-lie-zed speculation but rather in the realm of revelation according to a vision that he had received. A person who assumes that he or she is nothing special but just an accident of fate will interpret experiences in a way that is very different from the interpretations of a person who believes that a loving God has created him or her and planned his or her life. Of course, the Christian is not operating in the realm of rational-lie-zed speculation and assumption, but he or she is having an ongoing experience with the living Christ.

Most speculative rationalists seem to deny speculative rationalizing at first, but then they realize that they do rely heavily on their own mind's ability to make up facts. They start with observation and go on to explain the observed information, either consciously or unconsciously adding to what was observed or disregarding parts of what they had observed. How do you interpret your observations? Once you have observed, how do you take it to the next level? Well there are three ways of going beyond just observation. Each one of these ways constitutes a source of revelation.

There are three belief systems regarding how we can understand beyond that which we can observe.

Some believe in the first and most obvious source for revelation: God. Some people find it hard to believe that a God who loves people and is almighty would actually be able to communicate with them. I wonder what would stand in His way, don't you? Those who depend on other sources of revelation may deny that this first source of revelation could exist. How do they know that this first source cannot exist? By miraculous revelation from either the second or third source, of course.

Some believe in the second, less obvious, source of revelation, which is called by many names. In polytheistic theology, this source is referred to as "the gods," "spirits," or "spirit guides." Some refer to this source as, "whatever gods there be." In the Bible, they are called "evil spirits" or "lying spirits" or "devils." The new age religions, pseudo-Christian religions, and the occult religions go to this second source. On recent NPR interview, a drummer had researched many of the primitive drum beats and stated that the purpose of these beats was to create an atmosphere where the people could get up and dance and the "spirit deities" could then come to them and commune with them. These "spirit deities" are the same entities as the "devils" in the Bible. The revelation from the third source of revelation may sometimes deny that this second source of revelation could exist, but often will be very supportive of the second source.

Some believe in the third, least obvious source of miraculous revelation: the human mind. The concept of rational-lie-zed speculation states that the human mind is the source of knowledge and that it is actually a source superior to observation. Of course, this belief in miraculous revelation is usually carefully hidden behind words like "rational," "reason," intellectual thought," "theory," "hypothesis," and many other such words. The miraculous revelations that come from the human mind are believed to be able to solve all problems. The human mind then becomes a god, able to create knowledge all by itself. In the Bible, this mind is said to be deceitful, and desperately wicked to the point where we can't even know our own mind. This third source is usually opposed to the Bible or at least wants to edit the Bible, while the Bible says this third source of miraculous revelation can't receive the things of God. There is an irreconcilable conflict between this speculative rationalizing mind and the mind of God.

There are certain people, most often second-generation rich people or people who have suddenly become rich, who are regarded as "intellectuals." They are considered to have highly developed intellects with the ability to generate or synthesize knowledge in this way.

A scientific test has been developed to test this third source of miraculous revelation. Put on a blindfold. Get in your car. Drive to your Aunt Millie's house. Then take the drive a second time without the blindfold to check whether observation helps or hinders the driving process. Once you have conducted this test, you can evaluate whether this mysterious rational-lie-zed speculation method (with the blindfold on) was superior to observation (with the blindfold off). Take special note of whether it's easier to keep the car on the road with the blindfold on or with the blindfold off. Warning! This test may present certain unforeseen dangers!

I was only kidding about the test. Don't really do that; it won't work. Now, someone may say, "Well then, do the same test but ask God to lead you there. Well, here is the problem with that, which really explains why the rebellious human nature just naturally hates the idea of God. With God, I can ask, but I'm not running the show. He is. If God were to tell me to do this, which He has not, then it would work out just as easy as pie. But when it's my idea, that's totally different. God doesn't need my ideas. He is full of ideas. He requires my obedience and yours too. Since the fall of mankind, human nature has been rebellious. People want to do what they want to do, and that is why people reject Jesus. They love darkness more than light.

Here is the funny thing, If you decide that you want to be an evolutionist, you are totally dependent on this third source of miraculous revelation, which is speculatively rationalized, made up, fabricated stories. This is the source by which you are "sure" of the "axiom" called "Naturalism." This the source by which you are "certain" of the "axiom" called "materialism." This is the source that tells the agnostic that, since they don't know God, neither does anyone else know God. This is the source of the chaos theory, post-modernism, and the "axiom" of "uniformitarianism." Chaos theory and post-modernism are merely ways to say that liberal rationalized speculation is reasonable--which it is not.


Some people believe in revelation from the human mind without the benefit of observation, and even believe that this form of revelation is superior to observation. Some people believe in revelation from God. Some people believe in revelation from evil spirits. Though some may theoretically believe in no form of revelation other than observation, in practice, all people appear to live their lives according to one or more of these three forms of revelation. Those who don't want to admit to belief in miraculous revelation usually try to put their revelations in the language of rationalism. Some people spiritualize their speculations. Evolution isn't science.


Last updated: Jan, 2013
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