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The Human Mind or the Bible?


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

Don't forget where you are going. You get past the questions/attacks so you can proclaim the Gospel. It is the proclamation of the Gospel, not argumentation, that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel.

Satan does work constantly to try to confuse the believers.  The most powerful tool he has is the human mind.  The human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked.  That's why we are constantly needing to choose between listening to our own reasoning or seeking God and His Voice.  God speaks to us through all the translations, even as flawed as they are.  I find that the Holy Spirit prompts me to look up a word here and there as I read Scripture.  When He does that, I look up the word in a tool like Online Bible or some other lexicon.  It is true that God speaks.  It is also true that our own minds have the capability of tricking us.

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

Almost everyone puts far too much credance in human intelligence and the human ability to reason.  The human mind, without revelation, builds on a vapor.  It has no foundation for thought.  In the final analysis, it just makes things up.  A person reading this may disagree.  They may think that their own thoughts are the right thoughts, but without revelation, the post modernists are more correctly understanding the problems of human thinking.  Read "How Can We Know Anything About Anything" to understand this problem.

I have found that two people can look at the same translation and come up with totally different interpretations.  These are two good Christian people.  This shows Satan's level of control over the human mind.  It is the reason for the divisions in the Church.  This is why the apostles must be given to the Church until we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect (totally complete) Man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.  Even when God restored the office of apostle back in 1948, Satan immediately prompted false apostles to spring up.  However, anyone who is sincere can discern between the true apostles and the false.  God made it very plain to me who they are, and He assures us that He will lead anyone who is sincerely seeking Him.  The apostles receive the revelation, not individually, but as apostles working in unity and submission to each other, God reveals His doctrine--the apostle's doctrine.  God has chosen this way to govern His Church and keep the doctrine pure.  As Paul says in 1 Corinthians, "we (the apostles) have the mind of Christ."  However, I could not even discern the true apostles from the false without the Holy Spirit bringing light to my mind.  And I certainly could not understand their teachings without the same Holy Spirit revealing those teachings to me personally.

One to the things that God has prompted me to do is to create a Bible study tool.  It's an ongoing work.  You can see it on the Bible tab on  You will notice links on many of the words.  Many of those links have information if you float the mouse over, and they all have a link to a definition.

One thing that I have also noticed is that there is a huge problem with worship of the Bible rather than worship of God.  God speaks through the Bible.  God has been able to preserve the original text of the Bible.  God is able to interpret the Bible for us.  God has restored the office of apostle to receive revelation of the interpretation of the Bible.  But there are people who speak of having faith in the Bible rather than having the faith of God.  They speak freely of trusting the Bible but never speak of trusting God or having a direct and real connection and relationship with Him.  Their belief is a mix of the faith of God and a rationalized make-believe faith.  The faith of God is a gift the comes when God speaks to us.  Rationalized faith is acquired by reading the Bible and trying to figure it out, or by looking at creation and trying to figure it out, or by looking at anything else and trying to figure it out.  Rationalized faith is worthless.  The faith that is of God is powerful and is required for us to even be born again let alone to grow up into the fullness of Christ.

Last updated: Aug, 2013
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