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Why doesn't God give any evidence for His existence?


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

The points on this page may shake the faith of the Atheist in the precepts of Atheism, but the most important thing is that you share the Good News (Gospel). This is simple. All these other things may help, but it is the proclamation of the Gospel that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel.

You may hear a question such as, "Why doesn't God give any evidence for His existence?" or "Why did God stop talking to people as He talked to them in the Old Testament times?"

This may be an honest question, since some churches teach the unscriptural doctrine that God no longer talks to us, thus confusing many people. This may be a scoffer's question. There is little hope for a scoffer with a hard heart toward God. God will deal with such a person in judgment, but a person who refuses to cooperate with the Holy Spirit may require extreme judgment before they return to God. All you can do is give a reason for what you believe and the hope that is in you.

Sometimes, it may help to start with a question. "What makes you think that God doesn't give ample evidence for His existence?" or "What makes you think that God stopped talking to His people?" or "How did you come to think that God doesn't speak to people constantly all the time?"

Follow up questions may include: "How do you think that God spoke to His people in the Old Testament?" "How did He speak to those who were not His people at that time?" "Who are God's people today?"

The answer, of course, is that the question is flawed and contains a huge presupposition and that presupposition is, in fact, a lie. God does speak. This brings up a question: "Who is listening to His voice and, in submission, obeying?"

How does God speak? He speaks to us through the Bible of course. When we read, if we trust in Him for understanding and do not get puffed up with pride, He speaks to us. He speaks to us through prophecy in our church services. He speaks to us through the prophetic songs in the Spirit in our weekly meetings. He speaks to us through the teachings of the apostles when they send them out in publications, when they come to the local assemblies, or when they teach at the various camp meetings throughout the year. He speaks to us through creation as we learn more about His creation through scientific inquiry. He speaks to us through the historical artifacts if we will open our ears to His voice. He even speaks to unbelievers, but they don't listen to Him. Also see: Seek to Know God.

As far as evidence, creation itself is a testimony to God's wisdom, power, and glory. God gives natural affection to people, and that is evidence for God, but those who hate God rationalize away every evidence. They refuse to see. They just make stuff up! In other words, they are lying. Their lies aren't even well-hidden because the people who are swallowing their lies love to be lied to. Consider that there is no part of the Biblical account of history that in any way conflicts with what can be observed using any of the sciences including archaeology. This statement, of course, excludes those things that are called science but are merely stories. However, there are huge problems with every contrived story of history that runs counter to the history that God has given us in the Bible. Everyone of these stories has problems of being inconsistent with what can be observed using the sciences. This is amazing evidence, yet the human mind can rationalize it away in those who are set against God's will and God's goodness.

Here is something very funny: most people who ask this kind of question believe in a theory called Darwinism or evolution or evolutionism. This theory has no evidence other than a host of rationalizations. It is, as far as can be known with the tools of science, a story that could not possibly have taken place. Every naturalistic story of origins runs squarely against both the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. The old earth mythologies have a huge problem, which is rarely talked about, with distant starlight. Since the math doesn't work out, a fictitious substance, which they named, "Dark Matter," had to be created in the minds of the not-God people. God has apparently created the universe in such a way that there is no alternate lie that works. Usually, an alternate uncheckable lie can be found for just about anything that is true. God seems to have circumvented such a possibility.

Now, here is the funny part. For these people, they see everything as absolute "proof" of evolution despite these seemingly insurmountable problems with the whole concept. Not only that, but if an alternate lie could be found it would be brought forth as absolute proof of evolution and non-creation. That, of course, is irrational. As it stands right now, the notion that "some day we will find the mechanism and the evidence" is held as absolute proof of these silly ideas. And intelligent people believe this for two reasons: mostly because such belief is tied to their pay check or ego and also because they do not want to obey God, Who is Love.

Last updated: Aug, 2013
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