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Creation is Science because it is Reality and Truth


Evolutionists sometimes say that Creation science is not science. That is a religious argument on their part. They are defining science in terms of their religion, Materialism, Naturalism, Uniformitarianism, and Evolutionism. In so doing, they are using circular reasoning.

Creation scientists take the position that some things that are called, "science," are not science.

Creation scientists support these definitions of science:

  1. If science means knowledge, then creation scientist are not against that.
  2. If science means the methodology by which we are able to make repeatable, testable observations to gain knowledge, creations scientists are not against that. Creationists acknowledge that neither evolution nor creation can be evaluated by this method, but both must be evaluated using historical science, sometimes called forensic science.
  3. Creation scientists acknowledge that no discipline that seeks to determine what happened in the past is capable of repeatable, testable observation of past events. Though many scientific methods may be applied in order to analyze artifacts, fossils, rock layers, and other things that point to past events, every bit of data that is analyzed must be interpreted by a person in the present. That person must make assumptions. Evolution scientists make Evolution-ism's assumptions. Creation scientists don't make Evolution-ism's assumptions. Many Evolutionists claim that science must make Evolution-ism's assumptions. They claim that assumptions are valid science. Creationists do not agree on this point with Evolutionists.

Creation scientists have conflicts with Evolution scientists who try to use the word, "science," in the following ways:

  1. Many Evolution scientists claim that science must begin with assumptions like the following: that evolution is fact, there is no God, there was no flood, there was no creation, and if there was God, He would not be almighty and would not be in control of anything. Many Evolution scientists claim that any data the conflicts with these types of assumptions must be discarded.
  2. Many Evolution scientists refuse to acknowledge the fact that their conclusions would change drastically if they were to change their starting assumptions. Such closed-mindedness is not considered science by Creation scientists.
  3. Many Evolution scientists resort to faulty reasoning and flimflam. For instance, every dating method is based on circular reasoning. If the assumptions are changed, the dates change. Creation scientists do no believe that faulty reasoning and flimflam is science.

The real problem that the Evolution scientists have is that they think their assumptions are more valid than the Creation scientists. The assumptions change the interpretations completely.

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Last updated: Nov, 2011
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