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Is There Really Proof Of Creation?


There is enough proof for creation that any open-minded person who was able to see the facts would believe in creation and reject evolution.  However, proponents of evolution limit access to facts that disprove evolution and prove creation. 

It is impossible to convince a person with a closed mind. No matter how much proof such a person sees, that person will be blind to the proof. A naturalist will explain away every miracle. A materialist will take the silliest story rather than believe that God exists. A dogmatic Evolutionists will accept the story that things just created themselves by random chance rather than considering that God created everything in the exact way that the Bible describes. An Evolutionist who wants to also believe the Bible will make up the most amazing stories to get the two incompatible worlds to seem to co-exist.

Every religion has a view that tells how everything got here. Hinduism has a view. Secularism has a view. Atheism has a view. Relativism has a view. Every religion has a view...

... but which view squares with the facts?

God’s revelation is the strongest proof. Evolution is merely a story. It’s the best story that ungodly people could make up to fit the facts, but it has extreme problems in that it violates so much of science. Most of the proof consists of lies, misrepresentations, poor logic, just-so stories, and disproved claims.

God speaks to us through creation of His power and glory in creating everything. (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

God speaks to us through the Scripture of a young Earth, created life, and a created universe.

God reveals, telling us explicitly the death followed sin, sin is the cause of death and suffering, and that the entire creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are. Against its will, all creation was subjected to God's curse. But with eager hope, the creation looks forward to the day when it will join God's children in glorious freedom from death and decay.

The historical account that we find in the Bible, including that in the book of Genesis, is the one view that actually fits the facts. Every other religion, including Evolution, has to make many more convoluted explanations of non-fitting elements. The account in the Bible is the one account that holds up under scrutiny. This is ever more true as we discover more about the world around us.

  • Biology
    • Life comes from life. No one has ever found a way to generate life.
    • Every type of living thing only reproduces its own kind. There are no exceptions that have ever been found. That is exactly what the Bible, the authority book of Christianity, tells us.
  • Paleontology
    • Fossils fall into separate kinds, just as the Bible tells us they would. Some Evolutionists have claimed that there are transitional forms, pointing to a few fossils, yet, these claims are not convincing and there is not the quantity of fossils that would speak for the Evolution view.

      "What makes the question complex is that in place of the countless thousands of transitional forms expected (as Darwin logically indicated should be found, and anticipated would be found in future), there exists at any point in time a handful of candidates, i.e. fossils put forward as transitional forms by evolutionary proponents. [Note: By 'transitional forms' is meant here fossils showing intermediate stages between major evolutionary transitions, i.e. from one kind of creature to a wholly different kind. For example, stages in the supposed transition of a walking reptile to a flying bird, nothing which creationists could regard as variation/speciation within a kind. Some evolutionists argue that we have countless thousands of transitional fossils, but they empty the term 'transitional fossil' of any content really meaningful for the creation-evolution debate. They define a fossil as 'transitional' in the same sense that a car is 'transitional' between a unicycle and a truck. That is not in view here.] Creationists by definition would argue that there are none, so to evolutionists this is seen as 'proof'. From a creation perspective, though, consider the following:" Go to for the rest of this article.

  • Geology
    • There is a huge volume of evidence that is consistent with a global flood catastrophe. This is exactly the kind of flood that the Bible describes.
  • Anthropology
    • We now know for certain that there is only one race, which is the human race. Contrary to other religions such as Evolution, the Bible also tells us that there is only one race.
  • Astronomy
    • There are several ways that light from distant stars could have reached the earth within the biblical timing without God circumventing the known laws of physics. Of course, God could easily circumvent the known laws of physics or it could be that He has not revealed some of what can be known about the physics that He created.
    • Every naturalistic theory of astronomical origins has come up against insurmountable problems.

For every view of origins other than the biblical view, there are many serious inconsistencies. We obviously don't know everything, but we can see that the historical account that is found in Scripture is consistent with what we can observe. The stories of these other religions, including Evolution, are inconsistent.


Last updated: Jun, 2013
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