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Are Liberals really Liberated?


Are Liberals Really Liberated?


Interestingly, the people who like evolution also tend to reject the laws of God, such as, "Thou shalt not kill," which is a major issue in current events (e.g. abortion, euthanasia).

They reject, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." When caught in the act, they may openly repent, but only if the repentance itself can be used as a manipulation tool to control the masses.

They reject, "Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother."

Rather than reaching into their own pockets to help the poor and needy, they hypocritically violate, "Thou shalt not steal." and take the money of others by force to try to help the poor and needy. That gives the ungodly Liberals a good feeling as if they had done something, but all they did was to steal.

It also gives them political power, because many people want a free handout. As we have witnessed, they usually hurt the needy more than they help them. The handouts give the ungodly Liberals money and power, but money and power without wisdom is dangerous. In fact, most of their so-called social justice programs are based on the covetousness that God forbids in the ninth and tenth commandments. They reject, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me," but rather put every form of idol in front of the one living God. In fact, they try to make it illegal to obey this first commandment.

These ungodly Liberals are the same people who doubt the ability and the authority of Jesus Christ to forgive and remove sin. They believe and hope that there will be no resurrection and final judgment. It's no wonder they reject God's commandments. They do have a form of religion, but deny the power of God.

These are the people who believe in pseudo-logic and speculative rationalism, the idea that the human mind is the source of all knowledge rather than God. The speculations of rationalism, they label as "science." These are the exact same people who believe in the post-modern idea that everything is relative. That is the idea that there is no ultimate truth, only opposing sides of an issue. Under their post-modern philosophy, there is only power. There is no right. There is no wrong. To the ungodly Liberal, the concepts of right and wrong are simply tools to be used to win and to control others. To control is most important. For this reason, it is necessary to control education, entertainment, and news media to make sure that their ungodly Liberal story is the only story told. That is the reason they press to control the judges, because the judges can create laws from the bench, as if they were dictators, to promote all forms of evil. In the pseudo-world called post-modernism, the winners get to declare themselves right, and, since, in their mind, there is no right or wrong, they think that there can be nothing wrong with any methods or means used to become the winner. It's no wonder that they consider lying as a legitimate tactic, and they give such honor to their favorite liars. The former impeached President is given much praise is a very talented liar. Shame on anyone who has the support of these people.

Just a side note: isn't it comical that these people want us to make a choice between believing them or believing those people who think that lying is a sin. Isn't it amazing that some people think that this is a difficult decision to make? "Who can you believe?" they say. Duh!

So the anti-God, anti-Christ lobby likes the molecules-to-man evolution conjecture / fabrication.  Ungodly Liberals hate it when we have a Christian President. They like the kind of President who has no morals, that is, one who follows the new morality. The new morality is, of course, the old immorality, now relabeled "Political Correctness."

In all of this, the triad of the ungodly Liberal news media, the New Age/Secular Humanist schools, and the New Age/Secular Humanist entertainment industry, act as if they constituted the false prophet of the apocalypse. They continue to speak forth their lies and produce lying wonders through image manipulation. They have depended on a Babylon of confused voices, and love of money, power and prestige that is, unfortunately, in the Christian world to divide and conquer the poor, apostate church. New Age Humanism has raised it's head to declare that man is god and to exalt the human mind, the human soul and emotion and the human spirit. All the time the attempt is made to draw more Christians into a prostituted and compromised condition.

But there is a remnant of God's people who are resisting steadfast in the faith. These are the ones who are seeking God with all of their might and are not stuck in speculatively rationalized doctrines. They are experiencing Jesus in their lives and growing in Him.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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