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How do Secular Humanist zealots use tax dollars and the media to push their religious dogma?


Short Answer

Naturalists and Materialists have had great success in pushing their New Age religious dogma through the public schools, public TV, libraries, museums and many other tax-funded outlets. They also control the media, so they have a lot of power at their disposal to teach kids and adults the loopy logic, and misleading misinformation of evolution, post modernism, and socialism.

Detailed Answer

New Agers and Secular Humanist Religionists work very hard to make sure that misinformation gets taught in the classroom. Kids have to learn strange things, things that don't make sense. Then, kids have to learn loopy logic to defend bad ideas. In the process, kids end up getting educated into ignorance. They are trained in evolution, non-historical history, and political and moral concepts that have never worked anywhere.

The students are coerced into professing the dogma of the New Age, Secular Humanist Religion, Atheism, or Agnosticism. Not only are the students forced to learn the dogma of evolution, but they are also coerced into learning all the loopy ways of thinking that are required to follow the New Age and the Secular Humanist Religion.

They're now actually teaching the mental gymnastics called post-modernism in public schools. These "future leaders" won't be able to think... That is, they'll be in worse shape than the leaders the New Age and the Secular Humanist Religionists in the previous generation.

How did so many people get so confused? How did we end up with a science based on nothing? Well, it didn't happen over night, and it took more than one fool to mess it up this way. "The fool has said in his mind, 'There is no God.'"

With all these people in ignorance, not too many will be equipped to uncover the tremendous lies told by the evolutionists. God has a plan, though, and there is nothing here that can stop Him. The fact that the worldly liberalsown almost all the media cannot stop God. The fact that the worldly liberals would stop at nothing cannot stop God. The fact that the worldly liberals own almost all the public schools cannot stop God. The fact that the worldly liberals have put Judges into positions of power who change the constitution at will cannot stop God. If the worldly liberals make it legal to twist all that God has reserved for holy matrimony, and make it legal to destroy the meaning of marriage, and make it legal to teach evolution an similar lies using tax dollars, and make drug use legal, and make child molestation legal, all of this will not stop God. God has a plan, and there is nothing that can stop Him from completing the work that He has started.


New Age religionists have gained control of the schools and the media and are destroying the youth of America.

Last updated: Oct, 2011
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