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Secularism, A Religion, Is Taught Is Public Schools


Look! Secularism, a religion, is taught is public schools:

    • Ungodly political correctness is simply an attempt to throw off the rule of God and to establish a new human-generated law. Secular laws of political correctness have elements that are opposed to God.
    • Relativism is simply a means by which the ungodly can cope with the fact that their political ideas,pseudo-scientific ideas, and immoral morality are contrary to common sense and observation. It is becoming ever more common to hear the ungodly say that each person must find his or her own truth. If this were true, then there would be no REAL Truth and so it would be OK to lie, steal, kill, etc.. If there were no fundamental absolutes as relativists claim, then life would be about winning or losing. That reflects the shallow and dangerous thinking of the ungodly.
    • Socialism and all the social programs are simply attempts to create the Kingdom of God without King Jesus, but with king human. These social programs also have another benefit for the ungodly: they create dependencies. People who become dependent on the government are merely slaves to the the ungodly. The ungodly generally favor Socialism or the Left Wing. The godly generally favor Free Enterprise or the Right Wing. Socialism (Left Wing) is an economic system based on envy. Free Enterprise allows for ambition and hard work with safe-guards against stealing and fraud.
    • Communism is simply an attempt to make the Kingdom of God without King Jesus, but with king human. Socialism is considered the economic system that will lead to the utopia of Communism in the ungodly Marxist theory.
    • Evolutionism is simply an unscientific wish that there were no Almighty Creator God and no judgment and no need for obedience to God.
    • Reconstructed history is based on the notion that he who controls history controls the future. The ungodly often tell stories not only about pseudo-scientific evolution, but also about other types of pseudo-history. The trick is to always include enough fact to fool the masses. If someone checks out the story and exposes it as a lie, the ungodly story-teller labels that person as being closed-minded. Of course, one of the most beloved science-against-the-Bible fairy tales is The Myth of Galileo and Science Versus the Catholic Church and the Bible. 1633 Scientists used the government, which had gotten into the church, corrupting the church, to stop Galileo. The scientific peer review process was as corrupt in that day as it is today. And liberal historians have deliberately ignored this fact when writing history books.
    • Intellectualism is simply the notion that the human mind, rather than God, is the source of all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.
    • Biblical error claims, claims that there must be some error in the Bible, are simply the desperate fantasies of those who hate God and what God commands in the Bible. These ungodly people would like to imply that their human minds hold authority that is equal to that of the Bible. The Bible tells us all that only God is good, that we are evil by nature, that God has provided only one way by which we must be saved and that way is Jesus Christ. The ungodly cannot stand that prospect and are desperate to find some way to keep themselves from facing the facts. (find out how we know that the Bible is accurate)
    • Big Government is the method of bringing everyone into slavery. Government programs help to make people dependent and dependent people are slaves. Those who can't be made slaves in this way can be coerced into subservience through coercion. The ungodly tend to push for big, powerful, oppressive government that have the ability to coerce. Many other liberal issues are actually just ways to increase control. Here is a partial list: socialization rather than privatization, appointment of only liberal judicial activists who legislate from the bench, gun control, crushing taxation, extension of U.N. control, programs that hurt the economy or that cause dependencies on the Government, brainwashing of children into evolutionism, secular/Religious humanism, immorality, and other liberal tenets while assuring illiteracy. The push for more government taxes and regulations on businesses and individuals are ways of gaining more control. Unnecessary controls and taxes raise prices, destroy the economy and destroy the job market. Once the economy starts to fail, it creates an opportunity for more regulations plus subsidies. Extreme environmental laws, not based in science, accomplish the same liberal goal, plus the environmentalists are often able to get the political support of the ignorant. The desire to make it easy to bring nuisance lawsuits also hurts the economy. As Ronald Reagan defined it, "If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it." This is the road to totalitarianism [government as god].
    • Government financial support of humanistic non-profit organizations puts money in the pockets of major ungodly campaign contributors. Efforts to make it easy to bring nuisance lawsuits also put money in the pockets of major ungodly campaign contributors.
    • Manipulation of the election process is simply a way of forcing the will of ungodly on the public. The methods include pushing for policies that make voter fraud easy. The ungodly also push for laws that favor liberal campaign contributors: pornographers, abortionists, strip clubs, Hollywood, homosexuals, liberal special interest groups, and similar groups. There are constant attempts to create regulations so that only the ungodly can influence elections or muzzle the Christian voice and regulate the free speech of Churches. In addition, we have seen increasing liberal violence and hatred against political opponents


  • Extreme religious zeal for politics are simply the result of the fact that the their mindset leaves the ungodly with no purpose in life, so they make up a purpose. That purpose is to make every effort to detroy those who follow Jesus Christ.

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Last updated: Apr, 2013
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