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Why Is There All of this Religious Zeal for Selling Evolution?


If a person were going to be an evolutionist, he or she must keep reworking the hypothesis to fit the unsupported assumptions upon which evolution is based, ever going further out on the limb. Evolution isn't science. An evolutionist must fall in love with the presuppositions of Humanism to be able to keep defending this unworkable, improbable hypothesis. This is not an intellectual problem. It is a spiritual problem.

"I am convinced that the battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith: [SIC] a religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being. These teachers must embody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subject they teach, regardless of the educational level preschool day care or large state university."
The Humanist, January/February 1983, "A Religion for a New Age."

Any one of the flaws in the hypothesis of evolution is enough to invalidate it, but there are many more than a few flaws. Despite tremendous governmental financial backing, evolutionists have been unable to redesign the hypothesis to make it fit observable facts; yet this unworkable dogma is being taught as fact using tax dollars. Evolutionists stand defending evolutionism today like the scientific establishment of the not too distant past that defended the theory of the earth being the center of the universe.

As it became impossible to find a set of assumptions that could possibly explain the nonsense called evolution, evolutionists were forced to compartmentalize the parts of their theory into ever smaller chunks. They, in essence, created many mini theories. They sought a universal theorem, but they found that there was no way to avoid the fact that the precepts of Humanism could not be shown to be anything other than a nasty lie.

Since they loved the lie more than the Truth, they were forced to do some pretty crazy things to preserve the lie. Evolutionists were forced to create a different set of unproven axioms (rational-lie-zed speculations) for each of the many stories that they were telling. I use the word, stories, because it is a word that is used by the evolutionists themselves, and it shows the Fairy Tales-like nature of the dogma. Each part of the evolutionary process became its own compartmentalized story with its own compartmentalized set of assumptions. Evolution is Just Story Telling None of the evolutionists seem to want to face reality. The assumptions of one evolutionary Fairy Tales conflict with the assumptions of the other evolutionary Fairy Tales, but they refuse to see this as a problem.

So, they tell a story about the so-called big-bang with one set of rational-lie-zed speculations. Then they talk about the spontaneous generation of life with another set of rational-lie-zed speculations. Just as the earth-is-the-center-of-the-universe scientists of long ago, they try to wind their listeners up in a web of complexity. An evolutionist needs to have a goodly amount of skill as a flimflam con artist... but, in each evolutionist's heart of hearts he or she knows that the whole theory doesn't make a bit of sense. They know that they are in denial. They don't want an almighty God to which they must answer. They don't want the Bible to be the Word of God. They want to do what they want to do.

Now you can see why evolutionists avoid a debate with creation scientists. If they do have a debate, the evolutionist wants to explain both sides of the debate. They want a mock debate.

Remember the story about the emperor's new clothes? The con-artists got the king so worried that he might look stupid that he walked down the street naked. These con-artists also walked away with all the government money in the process and added nothing to solving any problems at all. The story fits like a glove. The con-artists of the New Age and Humanist religions are continually cheating all the people out of their hard-earned tax dollars. And the molecules-to-man evolution conjecture / fabrication has solved no problems for all the money spent. It has solved nothing. None! It has caused problems.

Today, people who want to seem to be intellectual are very careful to kowtow to the precepts of the New Age and the Humanist Religion. They don't want to appear to be stupid. Of course, one of the main dogmas of Humanism is the dogma of evolution, so would be intellectuals support evolution at every opportunity. Most of them don't even understand their own theory. Most of them don't realize that they are saying, for instance, that random chance is adding to and organizing the information in a DNA molecule, which would violate the second law of thermodynamics. (1, 2, 3, 4) Evolution has an information problem that should trouble discerning evolutionists. (Read Without Excuse by Werner Gitt, a description of the scientific Laws of Universal Information. See also: Information Theory Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Here is another interesting article.) More is constantly being learned about information and about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Evolutionists tend to hide in the weeds of the unknown with an argument from ignorance: "If you can't prove, by empirical science, that evolution is impossible, then it happened." By empirical science alone, we can only prove probabilities. The probabilities show the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story to be a bazaar hypothesis, a story that is so improbable that it should not be considered. However, empirical science is not a tool that can prove anything to be true or false absolutely. For absolute proof, we have revelation. God says that He created everything. He is the One Who enforces the laws of nature. He is the One Who will judge all of us in the end. We know that because we know Him presonally through the indwelling Presence of Jesus Christ and the moment-by-moment instruction of the Holy Spirit.

The Evolutionists will tell you a half truth about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Evolutionists will tell the half truth: "The Second Law of Thermodynamics only applies to isolated systems, so it's not relevant to evolution, because the Earth is an open system." This is a clever lie. Here is the part of the truth that they are withholding: the Second Law of Thermodynamics was derived using theoretical isolated systems, but it applies to all systems, and can only be overcome locally and temporarily in open systems when stringent conditions are met. Not only that, but we are not talking about the Earth. The Earth is just a subsystem of a much larger system called the Universe. The Universe is an isolated system. Evolutionists claim that Evolution took place in this isolated system, but the Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us that their story is a myth.

More information on the Second Law of Thermodynamics can be found here & here & here & here & here.

Most of them don't know that all their methods for guessing the age of an object are based on circular reasoning. In fact, scientific method does not, in itself, have the capacity to prove either a young or an old Earth. Both positions use the same scientific facts to come to very different conclusions based on either presupposition or direct revelation. Some would say it this way: the differences are in the beliefs, and those beliefs are based either in presuppositions or in revelation. The same applies to Evolution. Scientists apply scientific method in order to use their beliefs to make speculations that are consistent with those beliefs about what happened in the past. Some are aware that this is the process that they are using, but most, especially those on the side of Evolutionism and Old-Earthism, are totally oblivious to their bias. Logic can only have at its basis one of three things: revelation, circularity, or assumption (which is vapor).

Most of them don't know that the geologic column that exists in textbooks exists only in textbooks. (Only 1% of the Earth's surface has all ten Phanerozoic systems. At to that the fact that this supposed column should be 100-200 miles thick if the Billions-of-Years assumptions are correct. It is less than 10% of this thickness in the best example.) People don't know that the actual geologic column shows evidence for a worldwide flood rather than an old earth and evolution. Most people don't know that the fossil evidence does not support the idea of evolution. Most of them don't know that species are simply a contrivance and cannot be used to prove anything, except that a wide variety of objects can be placed in some sort of order.

Most of them don't know... and those who do know don't care, because they think that there is no Truth. They believe in post-modernism. They believe that there are only winners and losers and there is no right or wrong.

Evolutionists are forced to hold on tightly to some basic presuppositions. These presuppositions are just simple-minded assumptions. They are filters and a way to censor out any information that supports the existence of God. They set up a web of rules to filter out God. They will only accept those things that conform to Naturalism, Materialism, and Uniformitarianism. Naturalism claims that God does nothing. Materialism claims that there is no God or spiritual realm. Uniformitarianism claims that there was not creation and that there was no violent worldwide flood, as the Bible and numerous other historical accounts record. Whatever they observe that does not conform to this complex filter is censored. The way that it is censored can take several forms. Evolutionists may boldly proclaim that, though the data appears to support design and refute Evolution, yet it still must be interpreted to mean just the opposite of what it does mean. A backup method that Evolutionists use is to prophecy that in the future, science will be able to explain what they see as an anomaly. If that fails, they will hide the data, set it aside, or lie to keep the public from knowing the truth. The reality is that these people, for whatever reason, don't what to know the Creator. They don't want to truly know Jesus, their Creator.

Last updated: Oct, 2011
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