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How have Secular Humanists distorted the history of Galileo?


One story a believer in liberal myths must tell goes something like this: Long ago in a far away land, there lived a hansome scientist named Galileo. One day, Galileo was looking through his telescope and doing his mathematical calculations when suddenly he discovered that the earth was not the center of the universe. This was an amazing discovery, for everyone everywhere thought that the earth was the center of the universe. The Catholic Church said it was.

(Now, all that is fairly accurate, but At this point the Secularists want to just leave out two important facts.

All the other scientists believed that the earth was the center of the universe. It was these scientists who fought with Galileo.

The second fact is this: Galileo was part of the Catholic Church, and up until this moment Galileo also believed that the earth was the center of the universe. It was the Catholic Church against the Catholic Church.

Secularists must never tell that part, though, because it ruins their punch line later on.)

Now, let's continue with our story.

The Secularists then continue the story saying that Galileo went to the Catholic Church and told the Catholic Church (Secularists must remember to make it seem like Galileo wasn't part of the Catholic Church and they must not mention that Galileo actually told the other scientists.) about his amazing discovery. The Secularist then must make it seem as though Catholic Church told Galileo, the scientist, that he had better not tell anyone that the earth isn't the center of the universe, or they would do very bad things to him.

(Now it's important to Secularists and New Agers that they don't tell anyone that it was all the scientists who were against Galileo. They want it to seem as if it was the religious people who were closed-minded. Secularists don't tell anyone that these were just other scientists who wanted to keep the truth from being told. Secularists don't let anyone know that it was scientists who used the power of the government to crush the truth. Since the Catholic Church was, for all practical purposes, the government at the time, the New Agers and Secularists just bend the truth a little bit and make it seem as though this was a battle between the Catholic religion and science, which it was not, of course.

For an Secularist, his or her real religion is either New Age or else Secularism. Promoters of New Age and Secular Humanism believe they must cleanse the world of all other religions, especially Christianity. For this reason, a good Secularist must learn to do some very clever magic with the Catholic Church and its relationship to Christianity. A pusher of New Age/Secularism must learn that there are times when it is in the best interest of New Age/Secularism to make it seem that the Catholic Church represents all Christians. New Agers and Secular Humanists do the same with other Liberal denominations from time to time. It works great. People, even Christians, have almost no discernment at all in these matters, so they can get away with all sorts of things.)

And now, back to our story. We are almost up to the climax.

The Secularist continues, claiming that Galileo asked the Catholic Church (Pushers of New Age and Secular Humanism don't tell anyone that it was the scientists that he asked.) to look into his telescope. The Catholic Church refused and Galileo was forced to say that the earth was the center of the universe.

Now, for the real wild stuff. Here is where an Secularist has to really get his or her self-confidence going, because they are going to tell a whopper. They get very creative. It's good if they can work the Bible into their fable somewhere, although they know that the Bible had nothing to do with it. The Catholic Church had very little use for the Bible at that time. Even today, Liberal Christians still don't realize that the Bible is the Word of God. I guess they just want to do their own thing and don't like what God has to say about that. At any rate, though the Bible never became any part of the discussion, pushers of New Age and Secular Humanism claim that it did become part of the discussion. If any Secularist feels uncomfortable with an out-and-out lie like that, they may consider a different profession. Secularism may not be their line of work. They will find that most news media won't want them either, though.

Next the Secularist wants to make another great leap of faithlessness. They already took the leap of taking a pot shot at the Bible as if the teachings of the Bible were necessarily reflected in the teachings Catholic Church at the time of Galileo. Now, the next great leap is to try to make a connection between the Catholic Church of the dark ages and the people who do believe the Bible today. New Age religions and Secular Religions want to somehow blame Bible-believing Christians for the problems that the Catholic Church was having during the dark ages.

It should be noted that the Catholic Church is doing better now than during the dark ages. Many in the Catholic Church now realize that the Bible is the Word of God. Many have accepted Jesus Christ as their own savior, and are no longer trying to work their way to heaven.

Most Christian denominations are having somewhat of a challenge in the very basic Christian teachings. Research done by Barna Research shows that 22% of Catholics are born again, while 34% of Episcopals, 48% of Lutherans, 69% of Baptists, and 88% of Assembly of God are born again. Of course, this is by the definition of "born again" set by Barna Research, but the point is that the non-evangelical churches do have a real problem down this line, and New Age/Secular Religionists can capitalize on it.

Most Liberal "Christians" think that the Bible is merely a book of fables, which is great for the cheerleaders of the New Age or Secularist religion. Promoters of New Age and promoters of Secular Humanism keep telling people about the things that the people who don't believe the Bible do. (These liberal Christians are more New Age than they are followers of Christ.) And then the New Age or Secular Humanist evolution-thumpers blame the actions of the people who don't believe the Bible on the people who do believe the Bible.

That New Age/Secular Humanistic trick is tried and true, and people fall for it all the time.

That is not to say that many of those who believe the Bible have not been influenced by the New Age or Secular religion. The morals of those who say they believe the Bible have slipped in most cases. There are, however, a few who are seeking God with all their might. And they are finding Him. That is where the fruit of the Spirit will be found.

There is a place where Secularists look for opportunities to do a lot of damage to Christians everywhere. The people who do believe the Bible aren't perfect by any means. Those who do have a saving relationship with Christ aren't perfect at all. They still have a sinful nature. They slip. They fall. They make mistakes all the time. While some seem to have a deep spiritual experience, many are just as if they had just been born into the Kingdom of God. They are like little babies in Christ. As pushers of New Age and the Secular Humanists watch for it, they catch these babies in Christ making mistakes. They sometimes catch fairly mature Christians doing things that are wrong. They sometimes catch babies in Christ with natural singing or speaking talent, who have been pushed to the forefront because of natural talent. Sometimes they even catch someone who claims to be a spiritual leader doing something wrong, and that is a real bonus. That really strengthens the case of the New Age and for Secularist Religion.

If a prominent Christian lies, cheats or steals, that is big news. If a pusher of the New Age and pushers of Secular Humanism lies, cheats or steals, ho-hum... so what is amazing about that? Nothing. That is OK for a follower of New Age. It's OK for the followers of Secular Humanism. It's not OK for a follower of Christ.

So New Age's or Secular Humanism's loyal followers don't feel bad about all their fibs and fabrications, unless the Holy Spirit is working with them trying to bring them back to God. Unless they are under conviction from the Holy Spirit, they feel no guilt.

For them, in their thinking, there really is no right or wrong. By what standard could there be. Whatever they decide the truth is, that is what is truth for them in that moment. If they want to change their minds tomorrow, that is fine too, because they have no standard other than the standards they set.

So, at this point in their Galileo story, they can even bring up the inquisition and the crusades as if those had anything to do with what God is doing among His people today. They can try to cast a bad light on the Bible based on the crusades and the inquisition, even though neither one of those is in any way related to Bible, except for the fact that the inquisition was often executed against those who believed the Bible. They ignore the fact that the abuses of the crusades and the inquisition were both based on power-hungry rational-lie-zed speculation, which is also the basis of the atrocities of New Age, Secular Humanism, Communism, Liberalism, and Socialism.

There are really no limits to the stories a New Ager or a Secular Humanist can make up to try to defeat their enemy, Jesus, but the Truth always overcomes the lie in the end. The Light always destroys the darkness.

New Agers and Secular Humanists take a strong stand against anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and receives Him as Savior and Lord. The same goes for Jews. New Agers and Secular Humanists take almost as strong of a stance against the Jews as they do against followers of Christ. Remember Hitler, the Socialist and New Age guru, and what he did to the Jews. Look at Europe and the liberal press today. They have a strong anti-Christian and anti-Semitic bias.

New Age religionists and Secularists are exhibiting religious intolerance against Christians and Jews.

Last updated: Aug, 2010
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