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That Which Is Unconstitutional Became Constitutional And Vice-versa



How did that which is outside the Constitution (unconstitutional) become constitutional?

If the things that they taught you in school didn't seem to make sense, but you finally accepted them as fact, you must now realize that you were right in your first impression. They didn't make any sense. They were lies, and not very intelligent lies at that.

Have patience as you read what follows. This kind of false "logic" is followed by the liberal/progressive mind even though anyone with any sense at all can see through it in a moment. It's sometimes hard to believe that anyone could have their thinking so mixed up.

Under Holmes, unconstitutional means constitutional. Constitutional means unconstitutional. This is only true where Holmes wants it to be true. The amazing historical fact is that Holmes got away with it and we are still living under this insanity.

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes wrote about new constitutional principles that have been discovered outside of the Constitution. That may not make any sense to you--because it doesn't make any sense. Yet, the man pulled it off brilliantly. Holmes said that laws can be changed "as quickly as the populace can be manipulated to believe a new idea." Holmes declared, "We do not realize how large a part of our law is open to reconsideration upon a slight change in the habit of the public mind. No concrete proposition is self evident no matter how ready we may be to accept it." It was Holmes who successfully argued that the Constitution does not protect individual liberty. He considered all law, including the Constitution, to be evolving, that there were no absolutes of right and wrong, or even the words that are written in the Constitution, to guide it. In this, he left his mark on the Supreme Court that explains why the Supreme Court doesn't do what it was originally created to do.

This was part of the Progressive Movement that is still in place today, modified into liberalism.

Another way Holmes could have stated his new Constitution doctrine would be to say that the Constitution is unconstitutional. Holmes, in effect said that those concepts that are unconstitutional can be constitutional, and those concepts that are constitutional can be declared unconstitutional simply at the whim of a judge. This completed the illogical logic needed to allow the courts to change laws at will based on the whims of godless judges. It is amazing that there has been only a very weak challenge to this insanity.

Knowing that the majority would never approve the darkness that Holmes and Brandeis were seeking to promote, Holmes asserted that the unelected members of the Supreme Court would be the ones to change things. In this, Holmes usurped power that was never given to the courts, just as Satan usurped power in the Garden of Eden.

Last updated: Oct, 2013
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